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  • Book Review – The Hidden Spark

                                                                                  Genre – Self help,Motivational book Pages – 197 Price  – INR 270 /- This book is available on Goodreads and Amazon  […]

  • The Very inspiring Blogger Award

    Dear Readers  and Fellow Bloggers I hope the New Year has brought in a lot of cheer and happiness in your lives too .I started writing my blog in 2014 itself .Today I would like to give  a vote of thanks to all the bloggers ,because it is only them who have inspired me to […]

  • A time to break the shackles and fly

    Traditionally women all over the world have been assigned the role of homemaker and caregiver .With the passage of time , woman had to fight for right to education ,right to vote (even in the liberal U.S.A.)and for equality .Still women face the same dilemma – career or home . Today I seek inspiration from […]