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  • When Love Goes Down the Drain…

                                                  Today was a special day for Nida .It was her third wedding anniversary.She and Rizwan had made special plans for tonight .They had a toddler at home but her best friend Nita […]

  • Crazy in Love …

    How frustrating is it when the person you fall for ,does not take the hint even though you keep dropping them like hail in a blizzard ! We (me and Arjun )had been seeing each other for more than two years .We initially moved along  with common friends .The whole bunch would go out for […]

  • Of Love and Dare

    Being happily married for quite a long time of my life ,that too an arranged marriage where love does not happen instantly but slowly grows on you with the passage of time ,I do celebrate Valentine’s Day every year with my other half but it never has had any thrill to it.Our Valentine celebrations would […]

  • Vivel “Love And Nourish “Luxury Soap Review

    I am not much of a shower gel person .I prefer to use the good old bar of soap to a shower gel maybe it is just habit that makes me stick to soaps .Normally I do not review soaps ,but this one was so good that I had to write about it .I have […]

  • Touch me , touch my soul….

    Me and Akash had a love marriage .After a short whirlwind romance, we tied the knot. Akash had a well paying job and a promising career so it was mutually decided that I shall leave my job after marriage and spend more time with Akash . The first few months flew by like a dream.I would wait for Akash to come back […]