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  • Fragrance Review – Yardley English lavender EDT

    I received this fragrance as a  gift on Mother’s day from my sweethearts .Needless to say I was overjoyed to see them putting in so much effort to make me happy. They added a personalised note to the gift too !                              […]

  • My first Memories of Motherhood

                                                     I had my daughter , my first born ,when I was twenty-six years old .I think that was the right age for me  as physically one is agile and energetic and […]

  • The worrying Warrier

    This post was the winner of Blogadda stress free mom activity                                            Mother is a word that can conjure up so many feelings – love, sacrifice ,courage , selflessness, devotion … the list can go on […]

  • My Mom – My EXPERT !

    This post is dedicated to the only person in this world whom I trust blindly ,no questions asked .Yes , she is a an expert at everything -she is my Mom ! She was the one who taught herself to speak English and French  when she found herself in a foreign land ,even though she […]