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  • How to lose weight with a Vegetarian Keto Diet

    Image courtesy The Keto diet for vegetarians Believe it or not, a vegetarian diet is the rage today, as more and more people have started tobelieve that a vegetarian diet is the healthiest. Studies have also backed up the theory andproved that a vegetarian diet helps in reducing chances of some prevalent diseases likediabetes, […]

  • Why Protinex with Hydrolysed Protein is good for you

    I was recently invited to attend an informative session about  “The importance of Proteins in our diet and what are hydrolysed Proteins ? ” with leading senior  nutritionists Dr. Kavita Devgan and Dr. Madhavi. It was quite an enlightening and stimulating session as we discussed about various myths and facts relating to protein intake . […]

  • All you need to know about Vitamin E and #Evion supplements

    I am tired, tired of all the running around sucked into the whirlpool of life. Forcing my eyes open, I take a step forward My head spins, my vision blurs I try calling out, but the mouth goes dry My legs shake and tremble I falter and stumble. Pride goes before the fall Miles to […]