Rock N Shop – EOSS 2017

It’s a four letter word that we ladies just love too much .It sets the pulse racing with anticipation .You guessed it right … it is “S-A-L-E “!End of season sales  (EOSS) are the time we all wait for with baited breath all the year round ,a time to stock up on wardrobe staples like…… Continue reading Rock N Shop – EOSS 2017

Welcome Spring – Summer 2016 – Outfit of the Day Post

With Summer in full bloom in my city ,I wanted to get myself  a new summery Kurta ,something that looks cool and keeps me cool too !With the weather being too hot to venture out and the new Odd-Even restrictions on private vehicles in force, it made sense to shop online in the comfort of…… Continue reading Welcome Spring – Summer 2016 – Outfit of the Day Post

My #Valentine’s Day Look

As the countdown to the Valentine’s day starts ,there is so much to do and get your look right for that special person .With the end of season sales everywhere I chose to avoid the crowds and shop online  sitting  at home  at to get myself ready for V-Day .They have endless selections to pick…… Continue reading My #Valentine’s Day Look

Save some CASH @ HOLI Bash

 Hi Friends !Holi is here( and so is my Birthday) ! Double the fun does call for double the celebrations, isn’t it?For the sheer ease of shopping at home in the privacy of my home and my convenient time ,I prefer to buy online specially when it comes to popular brands that I have been…… Continue reading Save some CASH @ HOLI Bash

The Next Generation Quikr

Friends , let me share with you a real life incident .One of my friends had a car about which he was regularly teased .His friends would ask him to sell this ” piece of scrap ” and buy a new swanky car .One day he was bombarded by phone calls enquiring him about  “the…… Continue reading The Next Generation Quikr