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  • Nappy Basics for new Moms

    Your little bundle of joy is probably the most precious and magical thing that happened to you .But taking care of the delicate baby can be intimidating for the uninitiated . Your newborn will pass stools several times a day and pee every few hours. The wetness doesn’t bother most babies though since they have […]

  • Pampers Baby Dry Pants for a beatific smile

                              The smile of a baby is truly a beatific one , an innocent blissful outpouring of joy that the baby experiences .From his/her favorite quacky duck toy  to a colorful rattle or just making faces at the baby – there are a […]

  • My routine to ensure my baby sleeps soundly

    My heart knows no other joy greater than nestling my little baby to my bosom ,holding those little fingers ,breathing in that typical baby smell ,feeling those soft curls on the little head… It is a feeling that can only be felt and not described in words . I had my son after a long […]