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  • Fratelli TiLT  WINE  CANS (Wine in a Can WiC)

    Fratelli TiLT WINE CANS (Wine in a Can WiC)

    What if you could carry your wine wherever you go without the hassles of fancy glasses, lugging around the heavy and fragile wine bottles and uncorking? Fratelli Tilt Wine Cans offers you just that. Fratelli wines has launched an innovative way of drinking wine in India – Wine in a Can ! Now you can […]

  • Lindeman’s Premier Selection Shiraz Cabernet 2017 Red wine – A Wine Review

    Earnest Hemingway once said ,” Wine and Friends are a great blend!”, and I could not agree more ! So today I bring to you my latest wine review of a lovely wine, that can be enjoyed with your friends and family. The wine that I will be reviewing today is Lindeman’s Premier Selection Shiraz Cabernet  […]