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  • SPAWAKE Moisturising Cold Cream

    There is a new entrant in the beauty business and this strong contender is here to stay .You might already be seeing its products on the shelves of supermarkets .Yes, I am talking about the Spawake range of beauty products that have been launched by the International Beauty Giant KOSE specially keeping in mind the […]

  • Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Face mask

    Hi Friends ! Indian summer is at its hottest best with lots of dust and pollution in the air .What one needs in such times is a deep cleansing skin treatment at least once or twice a week depending upon the skin type and the levels of dirt and grime faced . As mentioned by […]

  • Spawake Moisturising Face Wash

    As I had mentioned earlier that I attended the Kose(A Japanese International Brand) Launch of Spawake range for Indian beauty market.I received these as part of a gift hamper and I am going to write down the review for you.                             Price- […]