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  • Before you go Trekking …

    Trekking is defined as a long arduous journey made on foot but to me it is something that lifts my spirits and challenges me to the limits .I have done small treks in my younger days but ever since my friend shared his account of the Chadar Trek and The Everest Base Camp treks , […]

  • The FitBit India Launch 2015

    Fitness enuthiasts like me would be well versed with the name Fitbit , the market leader in wearable fitness trackers from America.They recently entered the Indian market and I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of their premium products the Fitbit Surge and the Fitbit charge HR along with the exclusive Fitbit  App launch […]

  • Kapil Dev Ek Nayi League | New Innings with Kapil Paji

                                      When living legends like Kapil Ramlal Nikhanj a.k.a Kapil Paji say something ,the whole world sits up and takes notice .This Indian all rounder has done India proud by bringing home the World Cup trophy for the first […]

  • Funny Ads that Fizzled Out

    Going through the #CrashThePepsiIPl  ads I was hugely entertertained by some of them , while some of them  tried hard but still fell flat and some started of with lot of promise but ended up being a miss(as in far off the mark  rather than a nubile, young girl ) instead of being a hit.  […]

  • Crash the Pespi IPL – some interesting Ads

    Pepsi brings to my mind ‘Pep’ , something ‘ Bubbly’ something that denotes youth and energy and a devil may care funky attitude .Pepsi has been inviting creative ads that can become the next pepsi commercial and the winners will get a chance to crash  the  Pepsi IPL !I went through their You tube site […]

  • Some Unbelievable Stories

                                                          A middle aged couple went on vacation ,where the wife had a heart attack and had to be buried on the island itself .The man was quite happy to […]