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  • Book Review – World Travel In a Low Budget

    Price – Rs 220/-Pages  – 126Language – Available in English and KannadaGenre – Travel GuideAvailable on – and Notionpress About The Author – Shrinidhi Hande Shrinidhi Hande is an IT professional and has been travelling all over the world and writing blogs about travel at for quite a few years.His USP is a great sense of […]

  • 8 Things You Did Not Know About Australia

                           It’s always wise to research on the internet about the destination you visit for a vacation. Itestablishes some information so that you get a clearer picture when you visit the place. Ifyou’re travelling to Australia, or you’re in Australia right now, and looking up […]

  • A trip to the Tropical Spice Plantation in Goa

    Q. Did you know which is the King of Spice ?A. It is Pepper . Q. Did you know which is the Queen of Spice ?A. Green Cardamom is the Queen of spice .                                           […]

  • Goa Diaries – What you must do when in Goa

    Goa is the most sought after holiday destination in India and it was on my bucket list for a long time.After umpteen deliberations about the dates we finally set out for a get away to Goa.We went there in the month of August, when the rains were ebbing and you get relatively less crowds . […]

  • Must see places in Mathura,Vrindavan and Fatehpur Sikri

    It was my third visit to Mathura and Vrindavan but the first time I am writing down about it . So here is a recap of must see places of interest in Mathura , Vrindavan and Fatehpur Sikri. How to Reach Mathura – It is a city in Uttar Pradesh ,North India .The nearest airport […]

  • It’s a Small World After All !

    Before going any further I would first like you to take a look at this video which  will give you an idea about what I am going to write about … can also visit this link for the same All set ,now I can start my story . Harking back to the days when […]

  • Manesar -SurJiwan Resort

    This trip was taken in October 2016 ,The kids had a short vacation and we all wanted to have a short weekend trip,so we zeroed in on Surjivan resort , Manesar .This resort is  located just off the Jaipur Highway along the NH-8, in the Naurangpur Tauru Road, opposite to the ITC Grand Bharat Hotel in the […]

  • Before you go Trekking …

    Trekking is defined as a long arduous journey made on foot but to me it is something that lifts my spirits and challenges me to the limits .I have done small treks in my younger days but ever since my friend shared his account of the Chadar Trek and The Everest Base Camp treks , […]

  • You can do it,if you can dream it !

    “Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.”― Henry David Thoreau Dreams are important .They are important because they make us unique ,they make us what we are today and what we aspire to be tomorrow  and to some extent what we can achieve through our dreams .A life without dreams is like a plain sheet […]

  • A trip down memory lane – My Visit to Mumbai and Shirdi

    Mumbai holds a special place in my heart because this is the place where I spent my teenage years and somehow out of the so many cities that I visited so far,I still long for the vibrancy of Mumbai . After God blessed us with our second child,we wanted  to visit Shirdi to pay homage […]