My #Valentine’s Day Look

As the countdown to the Valentine’s day starts ,there is so much to do and get your look right for that special person .With the end of season sales everywhere I chose to avoid the crowds and shop online  sitting  at home  at to get myself ready for V-Day .They have endless selections to pick…… Continue reading My #Valentine’s Day Look

My Valentine – Zenmaster Asus Zenphone

Every year on V-day my dear hubby would get me my favorite flowers and we would spend the whole day by ourselves .But this year was different , he was forced to go on an official  out of town  tour and was only going to be back two days after Valentine’s day .Because of work…… Continue reading My Valentine – Zenmaster Asus Zenphone

Crazy in Love …

How frustrating is it when the person you fall for ,does not take the hint even though you keep dropping them like hail in a blizzard !We (me and Arjun )had been seeing each other for more than two years .We initially moved along  with common friends .The whole bunch would go out for movies…… Continue reading Crazy in Love …

February 2015 ” DATE NIGHT ” FabBag

Yes , I know it is a bit too early for  FabBag even I was pleasantly surprised .The crew has sent the FabBag earlier than usual in order to be just in time for Valentine day .Isn’t that sweet ?So coming to Valentine special edition FabBag , this is the preview for you ,I shall…… Continue reading February 2015 ” DATE NIGHT ” FabBag

Of Love and Dare

Being happily married for quite a long time of my life ,that too an arranged marriage where love does not happen instantly but slowly grows on you with the passage of time ,I do celebrate Valentine’s Day every year with my other half but it never has had any thrill to it.Our Valentine celebrations would…… Continue reading Of Love and Dare