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  • Vanitycube Mobile Spa and Salon Service Review

    A visit to the beauty salon is a must nowadays regardless of gender or profession to maintain a smart ,neat and presentable exterior . But with our fast paced lives sometimes taking time out for yourself can be a challenge in itself (read getting up early to make tiffins for kids ,rushing to office, or sometime […]

  • Rock N Shop – EOSS 2017

    It’s a four letter word that we ladies just love too much .It sets the pulse racing with anticipation .You guessed it right … it is “S-A-L-E “! End of season sales  (EOSS) are the time we all wait for with baited breath all the year round ,a time to stock up on wardrobe staples […]

  • Monsoon Fiesta with

    Limeroad is a an upcoming website which has really taken up the onliLimeroad to get the look for yourself .I think this is an amazing concept for people who are unsure about how to pick and choose clothing and accessories to get a certain look .To create looks and then sharing them with your friends is fun […]

  • My current Health and Beauty regimen inspired by Rewardme

    Rewardme is a one stop solution website by P&G dedicated to Food, Beauty,Health and Family .It has wonderful articles which can solve some of our daily problems in a jiffy .After going through the website I decided to incoroprate  some of the tips in my daily routine and was amazed to see the positive effects […]