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  • When Love Goes Down the Drain…

                                                  Today was a special day for Nida .It was her third wedding anniversary.She and Rizwan had made special plans for tonight .They had a toddler at home but her best friend Nita […]

  • Being Myself -The story of a woman Blogger

    Being a ¬†woman is not easy anywhere in this world, every woman reading this must be agreeing with me . In India , from the day a girl is born ,family values are deeply instilled into you. Here are some of the things that my mother said good girls should follow: 1 . You have […]

  • Exploring the endless possibilities of the “AND ” inside

    I remember when as a child ,our elders would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up .I would say I wanted to be a doctor and my sister would answer that she wanted to be a “Mommy”(mother).This response would often elicit rounds of laughter and giggling from the elders . Thinking […]