Calvin Klein BEAUTY – Fragrance Review

Today I shall share my experience of a cult perfume by Calvin Klein – CK Beauty .


Price – Rs 5475/- for 100 ml

About the Fragrance – The perfume is described as White Floral, Musky and Woody fragrance with notes of  Ambrette seeds at the top, jasmine at the heart, and a cedar base.


PRESENTATION – The fragrance was first launched in 2010 and is a classic.It comes in highly elegant flacons in three sizes – 30, 50 and 100 ml, along with accompanying products โ€“ 200 ml perfumed body lotion and 200 ml perfumed bath and shower cream.

CK Beauty comes in feminine and graceful, oval shaped clear glass bottle with a silver metal top. Easy to see how much product is left and looks good on the dressing table .

PROS of Calvin Klein BEAUTY  EDP

1. Cheaper than other high end fragrances .

2. I just love this delicate White floral, musky fragrance which is very suitable for summers and daytime .The white floral predominates and the musk is subdued which makes it a very beautiful fragrance .Confident but not too bold.Feminine but not overtly romantic.

3. Easily available online but beware of dupes, I got mine from Sephora shop.

4. Attractive packaging

5. The fragrance is not over powering and it is the Jasmine  that hit me first but in a delicate way not a sharp one.The Ambrette comes into play soon and after about 30  minutes the cedar surfaces but the jasmine stays for long on me .



CONS of  of Calvin Klein BEAUTY  EDP

1. Not much variation in the perfume , it does not keep developing much after wear .I wish it had a few more notes like a fresh note or a green note to make it little more intriguing .

2. Low Sillage – diffusing power ,but stays on the skin for 3-4 hours in hot weather too.

3. Low staying power , two sprays one on the decolletage and one on the wrists ,still does not last more that 2-3  hours which is not what you expect from an Eau de Parfum and a reputed brand like CK.

4. It is a medium ranged perfume, price wise, but the low staying power makes you reach out for the spray after a few hours and that means the bottle won’t last long for me .

5. Since you need to reapply the perfume if you are going out for long hours , it would have been better if the bottle was more ergonomically designed and less bulky.


 I love CK Beauty, it is perfect for our Indian summers, not overpowering, feminine yet not girly.I like that it is not an out and out floral perfume and has a mature sweetness to it but I really wish it had a longer staying power .
This perfume can be a great gifting option too .

I rate it a 4/5.

Will I buy it again – Yes !

19 responses to “Calvin Klein BEAUTY – Fragrance Review”

  1. Decently priced and so well described. Thank you for sharing this review. Wife will be happy reading this one and gets a choice along with Burberry.


  2. I love perfumes n this seems to be a great one. The combination of indregients is quite intriguing. I am sure the unison of these will convert to awesome Fragrant demeanors๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. For somebody like me who is nt very fashion trends savvy, CK has been the go to brand without any doubts for a long time. This perfume too looks like a promising one.

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