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The Author -Ravi Subramaniam

Ravi Subramaniam ,an IIM Bengaluru aluminus , has already bagged the Golden Quill Readers choice award in 2008 for his very first book “If God was a banker “. Some of his other books are ” I Bought the Monks Ferrari “(2007), Devil in Pinstripes (2009,The Incredible Banker (2011)The Bankster (2012)Bankerupt (2013) and God is a Gamer (2014) .Judging by the titles of his book one can  naturally deduce that his life has revolved around banks a lot and he actually has spent two decades in the Global banking sector .

With his latest offering ,”The Bestseller She Wrote “,Ravi Subramaniam has attempted romantic thriller genre for the first time .


Read on the review to see if he missed the mark with this new venture or hit the bull’s eye …

The Plot – “The Bestseller She wrote “is the story of a dashing and successful banker Aditya Kapoor ,who is also a best selling author and Shreya Kaushik ,a young and attractive ,IIM graduate with dreams of becoming a bestselling writer herself .Sparks are bound to fly when they meet and there are plenty of those moments in the book .But Aditya is already married to the independent and compassionate Maya who is a pillar of strength for him through thick and thin .On one hand is Aditya, a committed family man and the other hand is the  sexy Shreya who is almost unscrupulous in her pursuit of becoming a bestselling author, which keeps on giving new twists and turns to the story .

“The Bestseller She Wrote ” is not your regular run of the mill love story. Of course, it does start with the budding forbidden romance between Aditya and Shreya but add to it the murky dealings in the  corporate world and jealousy and rivalry and you have a simmering potboiler full of thrills, suspense and intrigue .Also lot of living characters are referred to like ex-Mumbai Top Cop Rakesh Maria becomes Ramesh Karia !

In fact the ending of the book is quite an unexpected one though a conveniently  happy one if I dare disclose . The plot keeps you so captivated that I had to finish the book in one sitting .

On the flop side, I found the book lacking in depth, it felt superficial as if the author was just skimming the surface of the characters and events .One does not feel an association or connect with any of the characters The moment you close the book , the characters are forgotten .A few hundred pages more would have added just that little bit more gravitas and personality to the characters, I think .The narration leaves you wanting for more .
It never becomes clear whether Shreya really loved Aditya or was just using him or was she a possessive and insecure lover .

Though I must say that Ravi Subramaniam has added  a lot of credence to his story by virtue of having been a best selling author himself and a top rung banker too .He gives a lot of behind the scenes insights into the corporate world and also the literary world from the way a book is conceptualized to how it is marketed .The characters are well defined and his writing style is simple and easy to understand .

So to summarize , Ravi Subramaniam may have got another bestseller on his hands (with a lot of management and marketing experience to help him achieve that !) even on unchartered territory .This is a good one time read only and makes for an easy read , perfect for those train journeys and metro rides when you need something that is engrossing but not overtly intellectual .

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