Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie

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Title  – Cat Among Pigeons

Author – Agatha Christie

Language – English

Genre – Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Pages – 320

Publisher – Harper Collins

Price – Rs 399/-  at Om Book Shop 

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About the Author – Agatha Christie


Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie is the undisputed queen of Crime fiction even today. She was born in 1890 , in Torquay , England. Not only, did she write 66 detective novels but also penned  six novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott. Her first break in writing crime fiction came form “The Mysterious affair at Styles” featuring the much celebrated character detective Hercule Poirot.

As a matter of fact , a lot of Agatha Christie’s knowledge was gained by being associated with her first husband Archibald Christie who was a  businessman and Military officer. Further she served in dispensaries to learn about poisonings. Additionally , her second husband was an archeologist which gave her access to interesting excavation sites.


Cat among the pigeons by Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie


Incidentally enough , as mysterious as her books , so was her own life. Reportedly, after the death of her Mother, she vanished without a trace for 11 days and then suddenly re-appeared without any explanation.

Another lesser known and interesting  fact is that Agatha Christie was also an accomplished gardener and won several prizes for her green skills.

Though she was a self confessed hater of Television and radio , many of her books were successfully made into blockbuster television series and ran for years.

Understandably , Dame Agatha Christie holds the Guinness world record for being an all time bestselling author of crime fiction.


Cat among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie – Book review



Cat among the pigeons
The Cover page


Two teachers see a strange light flashing in the newly built sports pavilion late at night. Suddenly, a shot rings through the air and they find the new sports teacher Miss Springer dead. Who killed her and why ?

Meadowbank School  prestigious girls’ school, soon becomes home to serial murders. Panic spreads in the school. Naturally Hercule Poirot, the famous sleuth, has to step in before the young Julia Upjohn becomes the next victim of “the cat”. True to his deductive style of logic , Poirot unravels the mystery of the murders and catches the culprit.

What I loved about Cat among the pigeons by Agatha Christie


  1. Quite true to her style, Agatha Christie paints a very clear picture of the events and places. Her characters are portrayed in depth. This makes visualizing the happenings easy.
  2. Once Hercules Poirot steps into the picture, the novel becomes very interesting and things start falling into place.
  3. Having read too many mystery stories, I could suspect the culprit quite in advance but I think most people will find the mystery of the murders quite intriguing.

What isn’t great about Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie

  1. Unlike my previous Agatha Christie reads, here the first half seemed to drag on. The murder happened almost halfway through finishing the book , only then did the story seem to pick up pace.
  2. Not only was the cover page bland, but to me it gave away the association of the murder to the school quite early on.
  3. As sad as it is , this one was the most boring of her books for me. Maybe I should have picked “Murder on the Styles ” instead.


Final verdict on “Cat among the Pigeons” by Agatha Christie


As I mentioned above , this book is not one of Agatha’ Christie’s best works in crime fiction. But “Cat among the pigeons” by Agatha Christie has it moments of sparkle specially when Hercule Poirot enters the storyline, though to my dismay , it was only towards the end. The mystery is then tied up neatly explaining every angle.

I rate it a 3.5/5



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