The Great Indian Tamasha – Adventures of A Wedding Planner by Rasika Bhatia

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The Great Indian Tamasha – Adventures of a Wedding Planner


Author – Rasika Bhatia

Genre – Humor

Pages – 184

Price –  Kindle – Rs 132/- Get it HERE 

Paperback – Rs 235/-

Publisher – Om Book International



About the Author Rasika Bhatia

Rasika Bhatia has been a wedding planner for twenty two good and successful years. She is a trained graphics designer too. “The Great Indian Tamasha – Adventures of a Wedding Planner ” is her first book. You can safely assume that she has put her degree in English literature to good use in writing this book.


About ‘The Great Indian Tamasha – Adventures of a Wedding Planner’


The Great Indian Tamasha - Adventures of A Wedding Planner
The Cover Page


The oxford dictionary lists the meaning of the word Tamasha – a grand show, performance, or celebration, especially one involving dance: a typical Indian term.


To tell the truth , anyone who has been to any Indian wedding specially a north Indian or a Punjabi one, will agree that it is a big Tamasha with showmanship, tears , song and dance and of course feasting. A marriage is an unforgettable , once in a lifetime event in Indian context and hence the hullabaloo , leaving no stone unturned to create an impact. Indians consider it  a matter of social prestige too. Here is where the Wedding planner comes into the picture. Not only does a wedding planner plans the perfect wedding of your dreams but also has to double up as a therapist and a trouble shooter. Actually the Wedding planner walks on eggshells till the solemnization of the marriage vows.


The book has been conveniently divided into 22 chapters , each dealing with a different wedding story. The comic illustrations add to the hilarity of the situations. Interestingly according to the author, all the stories are true accounts!

What I loved about ‘The Great Indian Tamasha …’


  1. The title is just perfect , it exactly portrays Indian wedding as they are – a big fat Tamasha.
  2. The bright cover page is aptly designed .It showcases the garish dresses and the loud song and dance routine that is an indispensable routine in North Indian weddings.
  3. Rasika Bhatia keeps us completely smitten with her narration of different clients ranging from a Punjabi Don to an astute Astrologically inclined Jain Sahab. The dreamy brides sometimes asking for the impossible ( walking down from the moon ) , the controlling parents, the greedy in -laws, the philandering groom, the pre-wedding jitters , the show downs , you have the whole package and it is all delivered with cutting black humor. Rasika’s narration also made me realize how much hard work goes into planning and executing someone’s else dream project with last minute whims making it even more challenging.
  4. All the stories are fast paced but not at all compromising on the plot or quality.

What did not work about ‘The Great Indian Tamasha …’


  1. The length – its too short. Just when you start enjoying the ride, its time up ! That left me hungering for more and I am shouting it out loud – we want more , Rasika !



I must confess I was completely blown away off my feet on reading this book. It is a witty and fast paced accounts of different Indian weddings and what goes behind the scenes. How greedy the affluent can be , how controlling Indian parents can be etc. etc. There is no dull moment. The anecdotes just don’t stop.

I rate it a 5/5.

Go get your copy today !!

But before that , please share your views in the comments section below.

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