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Hot Stage by Anita Nair – A Book Review

“Hot Stage ” is the latest book by bestselling author Anita Nair and it is selling like Hotcakes!

Here is a short review and buy link for you. Indulge!

Who is The Author of Hot Stage?

Anita Nair has authored this mystery novel.

One of India’s most well-known writers, ANITA NAIR’S body of work includes poetry, literary fiction, noir, children’s books, and translations. Her books have been adapted for the stage, cinema, and audio and have been translated into thirty-two languages worldwide. She has won numerous accolades and awards, such as the National Film Award, the Crossword Prize, and the Central Sahitya Akademi Award. Anita Nair, the creator of Anita’s Attic, a creative writing mentorship program that has guided over 125 writers, is also a High-Profile Supporter of the UNHCR. The third book in the Borei Gowda noir series, Hot Stage, is the latest book by Anita Nair.

What is the Plot of “Hot Stage “?

An octogenarian Professor Raghav Mudgood is found dead in his home on the outskirts of Bangalore.What was initially thought to be a heart attack turns out to be a merciless murder.As Gowda would say ,”Something was not Kosher!”

Who would want to murder an old man with radical anti-Hinduism views ?

A team of young and determined police officers lead by ACP Borei Gowda set to unravel the mystery which reveals some unholy nexus and dangerous crimes.

Why the title “Hot Stage”?

At the end of the book ,an addendum by the author explains that “Hot Stage “is actually a part of a forensic process that helps to determine the source of a particular piece of glass found at the crime scene.The name stuck and since the novel too deals with a staged murder, a murder investigation, getting pieced  together clue by clue, step by step, thus the book was given the title -Hot Stage.

What’s special about “Hot Stage”?

1. Riveting Plot

Confession time – This was my first Anita Nair book and a Borei Gowda mystery and I was hooked!

This was the first thriller by an Indian author that kept me glued throughout.Not only is the plot intriguing but the pace never slackens, even when Gowda is not in hot pursuit of a culprit ,one does not feel lost. Everything just comes together very well in the end.In spite of the unveiling of the mastermind, the process of nabbing them ,that too in the act was very thrilling to read sending my pulse racing.

2. Vividly detailed Narration

Anita Nair is a wizard at storytelling and narration whether it be the dingy bylanes, grubby bars or a high society event.The joy is in the details and the very first page tells you that you are in for a stimulating ride.

3. Distinctly Desi flavour

Whether it is a greedily tucked away sweet Obbattu ( a flatbread) with coffee while Gowda rushes to revisit the scene of the crime or a lovingly uttered ” Ajja” ( term of endearment for grandfather in Kannada language), you get the whiff and flavour of Karnataka on every page which is so distinctly desi and relatable.The occasional cuss words in chaste Kannada spice up the narration and also add a gritty earthy feel.

4. Well researched writing

I am not a Bangalorean but it seems that Anita Nair knows Bangalore very well , because of the way she expertly describes the topography of places , the climate and the streets.Her knowledge of Criminal procedure and police hierarchy also makes it a very authentic reading experience.

5. Interesting sub plots

Besides the main plot where  ACP Gowda and his team are busy solving the mystery behind the professor’s murder, there are some interesting sub plots – like the over friendly new tenant Bhuvana ( it seems the name holds some significance for Gowda but the author does not disclose the connection), and let us not forget the cock fights!


Book review of Hot stage by Anita Nair

Book Specifications

Book Title -Hot Stage

Author – Anita Nair

Genre – Literary and Contemporary fiction, Mystery , Crime

Language –  English

Publisher – Harper Collins 

Pages – 444

Price – Rs 499/- for paperback , Get it from Amazon –HERE 

To sum it up , I rate it a 5/5 , it is like watching a fast paced thriller, vivid narration, strong and colourful characters , a gripping plot , all make for compulsive reading.If you love crime thrillers, this one is for you.I for one, might  pick more of Borei Gowda mysteries.The only thing that could improve here is the front page – a broken spectacle on a red background does not add much to the incite my interest but who need props when the content is so good.



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