Unsung : Poems by Arunoday Singh

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Unsung poems by Arunoday Singh
The Cover page (amazon.in)


Title – Unsung : poems

Author – Arunoday Singh

Price – Audiobook – 879/ , hardcover -279 , Kindle – 247.95

Pages – 163

Language – English

Genre – Poetry

Publisher – Penguin India


About the Author – Arunoday Singh


Born in Madhya Pradesh (U.P., India ) and raised in a powerful family with strong political roots ,Arunoday Singh was not new to being in the limelight. He attended a boarding school in Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu) where he participated in school plays before graduating from Brandeis University(U.S.A). Further he followed his passion and took up acting courses in New York and did some plays too.


Unsung poems by Arunoday Singh
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He first appeared in the film Sikandar (2009), which was directed by Piyush Jha, making his debut as a Kashmiri terrorist.
In his first published work that is “unsung”, he makes references to having experienced a negative phase in life which prompted him to write down his feelings from time to time, finally coming together as this collection of poems.


About the cover design


The cover of Unsung : Poems by Arunodaya Singh is designed by Antara K. It shines in a beautiful  oceanic hue and showcases a single sea shell as the centerpiece. The shell belongs to the Nautilus snail. Being even older than the dinosaurs, this  organism is a powerful symbol of growth and renewal with its methodical and orderly expansion. The Nautilus has been an inspiration for many and hence graces the cover of this book. An unsung hero , the Nautilus shell carries unsung songs of the ocean.

About the book – Unsung : Poems by Arunoday Singh


After reading this collection of poems penned by Arunoday Singh ,whom I only knew as an actor so far, I was rewarded with joy which comes when you approach something without any preconceptions.

Interestingly the book consists of 5 chapters based on five elements of nature – Wind , Stone, Water, Flame and Spirit. You will know why when you go through them.


I chose the @audible_in version of this book to get a better feel of te writer’s work. Luckily for me ,the poet himself reads out his poems in the audio version.
In the end “Unsung ” is a collection of  poems dealing with loss, despair and living , sometimes stoic but mostly inspiring like the phoenix’s rising from its ashes.
The verses written by Arunoday Singh are precise and invigorating.
His English  is notably evolved but more or less one can easily understand the words and the inherent undercurrents. I personally related with most of his poems.
This piece of writing struck me as heart felt and genuine and I must say that the poet Arunoday Singh really has carved a place for himself in the world of Indian writing.


Final verdict


Apparently ,behind that difficult to ignore majestic physicality is a person who feels deeply and articulates it quite well.

In some places, Arunoday Singh does sound a bit self absorbed but it’s ok. After all, poems are meant to be an expression of what moves us, what goes in our minds therefore I feel it’s ok if most of them have a proliferation of the word ‘I’. They are about self discovery and mental peace .
I’m sure Arunoday Singh will share some more glorious thoughts and feelings soon enough.
Till then take a bow Arunoday Singh!!

The world is your oyster 💜


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