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Indian consumers are getting more and more health conscious and increasingly looking for healthier options. However, healthy and tasty options are not so widely available in India right now. Bagrry’s Health Café seeks to fill this vacuum with  healthy, tasty and on-the-go offerings.

Bagrry’s India Ltd., the country’s No.2 player in breakfast cereal category,  ventured into food retailing with quick service restaurants that offer healthier alternatives to fast foods in April 2016.  The first outlet opened at Vasant Square mall in Vasant Kunj.Recently they have opened a new outlet at Epicuria,Nehru Place Metro Station ,New Delhi .

The focus at Bagrry’s Health Café  is on healthy foods and the food served here has ingredients like Oats, Muesli, Bran, Quinoa and Chia to make it a more healthier option. The sandwiches, pastas, bagels and wraps offered in the Café are made with multigrain options, with whole wheat and added bran or oats to enhance fibre and nutrition value.

They claim to have No maida and No Butter in their products.Instead Rice Bran oil and 100% whole grain is used to make healthier food .



The MENU at Bagrry’s Health Cafe

Bagrry’s health Cafe key offers  Muesli pots, which offer individualized and personalized toppings which add to the health quotient; sandwiches and bagels which are made with multigrain options, whole wheat and added bran or oats; brownies and muffins, which are enhanced with whey protein, whole wheat and oats; cold pressed juices, green tea and slim coffee. (currently Green tea and slim coffee are not available at the Epicuria outlet ).

Ambience – It is a small kiosk and mostly a take away joint for people on the go , though limited seating option is available too .

Cold pressed Spirulina,Kale,Kiwi,Green Apple,Cucumber an Mint juice 

They serve cold pressed juices that are completely sugar free and I tried the Guava mix and the Spirulina Mix out of the ones on sale . I was refreshingly surprised at how fresh and wholesome they guava one tasted , it was one of the freshest tasting bottled juice I have had.

The Spirulina one was a dark green looking clear fluid and I tried it to see how bad it could taste but it is actually a clever mix of Spirulina, Kale, Kiwi,Green Apple,cucumber and mint .So it tastes sweet and minty and still carries the health benefits and slimming effects of the juices .



The Main Course – Out of the various offerings ,I tried the following items

Grilled Cottage Cheese and vegetable sandwich – Firstly what I loved was the CRUNCH . The bread being whole wheat and grilled this is so crunchy and inside it is filled with fresh cottage cheese and tomatoes .They have purposely kept the salt content on the lower side and no ketchup is served again as ketchup is high on added preservatives, salt and sugar .

Grilled Cottage Cheese and vegetable sandwich

Paneer Chipotle Whole wheat Wrap with Oats  – The whole wheat wrap was super soft because of the sauce inside but I was a little disappointed as it was so light on this buttery, peppery sauce that i could hardly taste it .Of course ,since this is a heavy sauce ,from health point of view it is better to go light on the sauce .

Paneer Chipotle Whole wheat Wrap with Oats

Spinach and Corn Sandwich on whole wheat and bran Bread – I loved this one, the bread was crunchy and fresh and the spinach was not stringy , the corn soft and juicy .It did not have the usual cheese dripping from it and yet it tasted great !
This one was my favourite right away .

Spinach and Corn Sandwich on whole wheat and bran Bread

Oat Bran Muffin     – The Oat bran muffins had a heavy fibre feel and I did not like it much due to the eggy taste .         
Oat Bran Muffin

Oats ,Almond and Carrot Cake – This one was again a wonderfully simple but very tasty cake .It did not feel heavy or eggy at all and was quite good .A single slice can be a fulfilling meal in itself .

Oats ,Almond and Carrot Cake 
Fruit and Nut Muesli Muffin  – This muffin uses the fruit and nut muesli itself instead of flour and hence is low fat as well as comes with goodness of fruits and nuts.It tasted good too but felt little dry .

Fruit and Nut Muesli Muffin 

High Protein Walnut Muffin – This was basically a chocolate brownie with added whey protein to increase its nutritional value .This does not contain butter and has nuts added to it .Taste wise ,it was quite good and had a rich chocolatey taste .I could come back for more of these warm guilt free brownies .
High Protein Walnut Muffin 

FINAL VERDICT – I rate it a 4/5  for freshness of ingredients ,value for money and health benefits without compromising too much on taste . A great way to introduce your child to healthier options in food .

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