My #ProtectHerHeart Initiative on World Heart Day

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We all know that every year 29th September is observed as World Heart Day globally to create awareness about cardiovascular diseases .

So here are some of the heart disease related  facts :

1. Heart disease is now the world’s leading causes of death, claiming 17.3 million lives each year,

 2. Latest statistics show that in India alone , there are roughly 30 million heart patients and two lakh cardiac surgeries are being performed every year.

3. Of the 30 million heart patients in India, 14 million reside in urban areas and 16 million in rural areas .

4. If the current trend continues, by the year 2020, the burden of atherothrombotic cardiovascular diseases in India will surpass that of any other country in the world.”

5. As per the W.H.O. a total of 8.6 million women die every year due to cardiovascular diseases of which 34% are  Indian women that amounts to roughly 3 million Indian women dying every year of heart diseases .

Now what is scary is that it is not just restricted to the urban population , but even the so thought physically fit  rural people are falling prey to it .Not only are the  numbers  huge but also the costs of surgery is also an added burden .
As infectious diseases are getting treated aggressively , heart disease is emerging as the new epidemic worldwide .
On the occasion of World Heart Day, 29 September 2015, WHO is putting the spotlight on the under-recognized and under-treated epidemic of heart disease in women.
More women die from heart disease every year than men, however, many remain unaware of their risk and the steps needed to reduce this risk. 
Common factors attributing to increased mortality of Indian women due to cardiovascular diseases are

1. Women do not give priority to a  proactive diagnosis and treatment compared to males in the family .
2. Women choose to ignore common initial symptoms of heart disease .
3. Increasing urbanization exposes women to more stress in juggling with  jobs and homes .
4. Lack of self care like exercises and proper nutrition in women .
I took the ‘Weight-Heart Test at  to find out how healthy I was and what measures to take to remedy an unhealthy  heart .

Here is what you can do to prevent heart disease :
1.Sitting for long periods of time increases the risk of heart disease . So moderate exercise, even 15-20 minutes of brisk walk,initially twice a week and later on a daily basis can reduce the chances of heart disease drastically .
2. Avoid smoking and drinking .
3. Meditation and Yoga helps in keeping the mind calm and reduces stress and anxiety .So try to laugh and be happy more often .
4.A low fat diet, rich in green leafy vegetables, fruits , whole grains and nuts is very important .
5. Early detection and proactive approach is the key to preventing and treating successfully any disease so go for regular blood tests and ECG .
Luckily for me , my heart health was perfect and I just need to continue doing the above which was helped me in remaining healthy so far .
Me and my partner are regular and enthusiastic walkers ,this single activity not only helps in better bonding but also helps us in remaining fighting fit .
But I am planning to introduce more whole grains and fruits in my diet from now onwards to fortify my family against this silent killer .
You too should take the  ‘Weight-Heart Test ‘ at  and urge your partner to test his/her fitness too and then undertake the suggested measures for a healthy heart .

After all if her heart beats for you , shouldn’t her heart be your concern too ?

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

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