The Tale of Makkhilal

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The Tale of Makkhilal
Price -“The Tale Of Makkhilal” is available for pre-order on  for Rs. 195.
The e-version of this book is available on Amazon Kindle for Rs. 99/-.
Katha is an award-winning,voluntary organization that was founded in 1988 by Padma Shri Geeta Dharmarajan.Katha is known for introducing an array of writings from many Indian writers with child-friendly layouts and illustrations that promote diversity in terms of culture and values.

                                                                       About the Author   

Geeta Dharamrajan
Geeta Dharamarajan
Geeta Dharmarajan is a writer, social entrepreneur, and educationist and the Executive Director of Katha, a profit-for-all voluntary organisation.She is also the honorary Chairperson of the National Bal Bhavan, an institution dedicated to children in India.She has had a rich  30 years of writing and editorial experience having served at Target, a children’s magazine,The Pennsylvania Gazette, The India today group and now Katha.
Katha as an organisation encourages story telling by Indian writers with child-friendly layouts and illustrations that go in tandem with excellent writing and promote diversity in terms of culture and values.
Geeta Dharamarajan was honored with the Padma Shri award in 2012 for her contributions in the field of Literature and Education.

                                                                      About the Book 

Around 1.2 lakhs children die due to diarrhoea annually in India and houseflies are a common vector of diarrhoea causing diseases.
“The Tale Of Makkhilal”, written by Geeta Dharmarajan is a fun poem that introduces the concept of  public health and personal hygiene and raises awareness about potential hazards of housefly borne infections.
In the land of Makkhipuri, Makkhilal is worshipped by the residents as the purveyor of good health and the Protector of all. The residents of Makkhipuri offer food to Makkhilal daily as Prasad to appease him but still the children of Makkhipuri keep dying ,because Makkhilal actually is an Evil King with ulterior motives.
Things would have stayed the same till one day a smart, young doctor walks into Makkhipuri and raises Inquilab (a revolution) …
The colourful and lively illustrations  by Charbak Dipta, an Oxford Alumni and an award winning illustrator,make the book more exciting as one flips through the pages.The book not only raises awareness about the consequences of poor hygiene and hazardous diseases arising from that but also helps the readers to take necessary steps to protect themselves from such diseases.
With focus on the housefly, which is an active agent for the spread of many diseases among people in India, the book comes with additional information regarding houseflies and the diseases spread by them as well as suggestions on how one can take care of themselves against the diseases.
The book end with some activities that help the young reader question and understand about leadership and enterprise.
To conclude , ‘The Tale of Makkhilal ‘ is a fun introduction to the concept of public health , hygiene for the young readers.It engages the readers and encourages analytical thinking, gives information and helps the child in taking up and promoting cleanliness , a much needed concept in a country which still loses millions of children to diarrhoea and waterborne diseases.This book will be a valuable addition to school libraries too.
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