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Last year I twisted my ankle and unfortunately it turned out to be a second degree sprain which meant I had to avoid using that leg for a good one month .Thankfully and gradually I regained the functionality of the limb but the forced rest made me pile on unhealthy wads of fat to which I did not pay any attention to as I was more concerned about making up for the lost time on the professional front.


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I had accepted the weight gain as part of life even as I got out of breath taking the stairs to my second floor apartment .When the buttons of my favorite Levi’s decided to get inspired by Gandhiji’s non- cooperation movement and refused to get buttoned up, I coolly chose to be unfaithful and chucked them and moved on a new comfier and roomier pair.

I had full faith that once I got onto my feet, all the newly gained curves (yes I chose that flattering description for rolls of lards around my lower half!) would automatically whittle down. It was not my lack of knowledge but rather my over confidence and sloth that made me believe in that myth.

 It was only after about six months of walking in that state of ignorant bliss and a few embarrassed moments like when my favorite LBD refused to acknowledge me as the same Preeti that would easily rock that dress or the instance when my little son lovingly asked me if this was probably how I looked when I was carrying him in my womb!).

To cut a long story short that kind of rang a bell and woke me from my slumber and it was then that I decided to avoid wishful thinking and take matters in my hands.

Three months of following a more disciplined fitness and diet regimen, I am nearing my goal; I have reduced 5 pounds and am probably going to hug my old jeans back into my life!
I also feel fitter, stronger mentally and physically now.

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For those of you who might be facing similar struggles and are curious to know how I did it, I am definitely going to share what worked for me.Let me tell you, it is not easy but it is possible.

First the challenges :

1.Mental challenge – Be objective and realistic about what should be your ideal weight and waist/hip ratio and what can be realistically achieved in a certain time period.
2. Psychological challenge – Believe in yourself, whether you are a size 10 or a size 16, believe that you can and will attain your goals by keeping a disciplined lifestyle.A little goes a long way if followed dedicatedly. Other than going for regular exercise, I started going for meditation and Yoga every morning to keep myself motivated and focused .I found that music really helped me in getting into the mood or unwinding.
3.Physical Challenge – This would include setting up an exercise regimen that would be compatible to your lifestyle and would be enjoyable too.But more importantly you need to be monitoringyour activity levels closely.
4. Dietary Challenge – A sensible diet plan that cuts down on processed food, carbs and fat and involves lot of fruits and vegetables and water can help down in achieving a healthier body.
5. Involve your friends – Other than being running or gym buddies you can actually score more by keeping your friends informed of your fitness goals. You can ensure that every time you falter in your goals or feel like you are losing track, you will havemotivation at hand. Also, your time out with friends will not turn into a binge fest that may throw out your goals out of the window!
I got an added bonus when I told my good friend – a certain Mr. Rajeev M about my health concerns. Now Rajeev not only shares the same initials as the famous Tech-guru Rajiv Makhani but also shares the passion for fitness and gadgets.
Rajeev helped me to pick up a few smart gadgets that could make my life so much easier and my fitness journey a less bumpy one.
Here is what we picked up from the  #GetFitWithFlipkart collection of smart home gadgets to achieve a healthier lifestyle :

source -Flipkart

GOQii Vital

Description : The GOQiVital  is a smart wearable band different from many other similar fitness bands in the market and quite affordable too.Apart from the usual features such as step counts, distance travelled, calories burnt, sleep tracking it has few additional features such as Heart Rate monitor & Blood pressure monitor.
What I liked most about this band is that it comes along with an online human Coach Service that helps to customize your fitness routine and constantly keeps you on your toes till you reach your desirable figures.
2. SMART PERSONAL ASSISTANT (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker) :

source -flipkart

Google Home

Description: A smart personal assistant at your beck and call, who makes doing your everyday tasks easier whether it is viewing your calendar, playing music, or controlling your home entertainment.
The google assistant can be used for a lot of things but I mostly use it every day to listen to music of my choice and especially during morning Yoga sessions.
In fact I have created special playlists for  workouts  and meditation  , now all I have to do is ask the google assistant to just play my list while I get into my gear .
I specially find it useful to read recipes in my kitchen as both my hands are free to cook and multitask.
This smart home device made a big contribution in making my home a smart home, as now I can even control the lights in my house by simple voice command. Of course that means the lights need to be smart too!

source – Philips 


Philips Hue Mini Starter Kit with 10 Watt E 27 Bulb
Description : Smart lights come equipped with features like Home Away Control( so no stress if you forgot to witch of the lights , you can do that sitting in your office ), multicoloured lights and mood based lighting (really great for getting into the mood of the moment –whether it be romance or just sleeping like a  baby ).

source -Flipkart
Philips HD9220/20 Air Fryer
Description: An electric frying appliance that uses hot circulating air to roast and air fry yummy snacks at home.Food is intrinsic to any healthy diet plan ,so my fitness story had to have  smart cooking appliance.
This is a great, smart and healthy addition to my kitchen and has helped cut on oil/fat intake by almost 80%. Me and my family now enjoy all sorts of snacks without guilt and the quality of cooking is also great because the food still tastes real crisp and it is light on the tummy too.

source -Flipkart

Mi AC-M4-AA Portable Room Air Purifier 
Description: Indoor pollution is a major contributor to poor health .Poor air quality not only reduces lung function , thus making you perform poorly but it also causes faster cellular ageing  and so a much needed  smart addition to my home is an Air Purifier to tackle city pollution.
This model has Realtime Air Quality monitoring and display. I love the feature of WiFi remote control via a phone app as I can monitor air quality and control it sitting anywhere in the world.

By bringing the #SmartHomeRevolution to my life I was able to create my very own successful fitness story and  it will be a NEVER ENDING ONE ,I will make sure of that !
Now tell me what is your Smart Fitness story ?

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