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I was recently invited to attend an informative session about  “The importance of Proteins in our diet and what are hydrolysed Proteins ? ” with leading senior  nutritionists Dr. Kavita Devgan and Dr. Madhavi. It was quite an enlightening and stimulating session as we discussed about various myths and facts relating to protein intake .

The session was sponsored by Protinex India and we also saw the launch of their Protein Bytes – Diskettes of protein for people on the go .

I shall now venture to share with you all that I learned from this interactive session .


Proteins are the building blocks of life.
It is a macro nutrient ( just like Carbohydrates and Fat ) which is essential for the growth, repair and energy needs of our body.                                                           


Some sources of class one proteins source-musclemileage.com

Protein  is necessary for 
1.Growth and Energy 
2.Controlling hunger
3.Quick recovery from illness and injury 
4.Building immunity and stamina
5.For healthy muscles, bones, skin ,hair and even blood .
6. Proteins are an essential component of peptide hormones that regulate a number of biological processes in our body such as muscle growth, heart rate, hunger and menstrual cycles 
As per a recent I.M.R.B.( a leading market research and consumer consulting organisation) survey :

A surprising 93% of Indians  are unaware of their ideal protein requirement and that is why 73% of Urban Indian population is protein deficient !

The Nawabi city of Lucknow takes the cake by having the highest deficiency at 90% .
The commercial capital of India Amchi Mumbai comes second at 70% .
Saddi Delhi comes third at 60 % ( Maybe because we love our Chhole bhature and Lassi !)
The city of joy Kolkata had the least deficiency at 43% (maybe because the cost of living is low there and fish is an integral part of their diet ).

I believe that they are getting enough protein in the diet go to next has launched a simple and easy protein calculator on the website to help Indians assist there protein intake this tool allows the consumer to calculate the protein intake and to take a remedial actions in the diet to protein supplements that can also the right quality and quantity of protein in a convenient form.

This is how your Plate should look for adeqaute
Carbs, Proteins,Fats and Minerals 



A. 73% of Indians believe that green leafy vegetables are a good source of protein .

Fact – Green Leafy vegetables are rich in Minerals but poor in proteins .

B. 29% Indians think that their regular diet is enough for their daily protein needs.
Fact – Until and unless your regular diet is enriched with high source of proteins like beans, pulses, milk, meat and eggs,you are unlikely to meet your body’s daily requirement. In which case, you should consider making a protein supplement like Protinex,a regular part of your diet.

C. The best food to get protein from is red meat.
Fact – Even though red meat is a rich source of First class proteins, studies have shown that moderate consumption of red meat, as little as one serving a day, poses more serious health risks than a relative deficiency.

D. About 30% Indians believe that one egg a day provides enough protein for their nutritional requirements.
Fact – An egg gives only about 6 gms of protein wheresas an adult needs a minimum of 40-70 gms of Protein daily .

E. Proteins are required only by pregnant women or those engaged in heavy exercising.
Fact – Protein is a macro-nutrient that your body requires daily which  means our body needs it in large numbers. So regardless of whether you are exercising or not, your body requires its daily intake of proteins. Yes, those who exercise daily need extra proteins as compared to those who don’t,but protein is still required by everyone on a daily basis.

F. High protein will lead to weight gain.
Fact – High protein diet does not lead to weight gain as long as your calories are consistent. In fact, a low carbohydrates and high protein diet works wonders to satisfy your hunger and leaves you feeling more striated and energetic which  actually helps to  keep your weight under check.


1. Proteins help in maintaining a lean, fat-burning physique even when you age by preserving muscle mass .

2. Facial skin has collagen (which is made up of protein). Lack of collagen causes premature wrinkles and signs of ageing to appear sooner .

3.Best way to take protein is not in a single go but to divide it and space out into three or four meals or snacks throughout the day .

4.Vegan Proteins that are derived  from cereals, legumes and vegetables when taken individually are considered inferior to animal protein.They can be sufficient  though if you combine them all in a meal.

5. Consuming just any group of proteins to reach the daily protein target numbers in itself is not sufficient for good  health. You need Complete or First Class proteins.First Class proteins are those that are easily digestible and contain the requisite amounts of essential amino acids .

source -sheilakealey.com


A. For an adult with a not so active lifestyle

 1 g of protein per Kg of your  body weight

B. For an adult with active lifestyle ( about 40 mins to one hour of exercise daily )

1.2 – 1.4 gm per Kg of your body weight .


An easier way to calculate your daily protein requirement is to use this Protein Calculator which is based on your height, weight,sex and activity.This tool also informs you if your daily diet is sufficient to meet your daily protein requirement .

Here is a chart that can help you to calculate how to include proteins in the right amount in your diet


Now that you know how much Protein you need everyday and how much protein you are actually getting from your regular diet – the realisation that you may not be taking in the the requisite amount every day (read hurried breakfasts or eating junk food etc) will set in !

In that case it is a good idea to start your breakfast with a protein supplement like and if possible have small protein rich snacks through out the day – like protein biscuits or bars .

Why only  PROTINEX ?

1. Protinex is not only a brand that has been trusted for last 60 years by doctors but is  is also the Number One protein supplement recommended by doctors .

2. Protinex is 100 % Vegetarian and made of hydrolysed Whey Protein .

3. Protinex has hydrolysed protein – this is protein that has been partially broken down into smaller amino acids making it easier to digest .The body absorbs hydrolysed proteins much faster than intact proteins from food or the regular whey protein supplements .Taking hydrolysed protein also reduces chances of diarrhoea and bloating that is experienced after taking a high protein diet.

Protinex Bytes 

4. Protinex comes in five delicious flavors –  Chocolate ,Fruit Mix ,Vanilla, Elaichi and Classic Original Protinex .   

5. Protinex comes in different variants as per your needs – Protinex Junior (fortified with  DHA + Iron + Iodine for brain development ), Protinex Grow (for 8- 15 year olds ) ,Protinex Mama ( for increased protein need with extra protein and DHA for fetal development ),Protinex Diabetes Care ( with added fibre and protein in a sugar free base) ,Protinex Bytes  ( your protein on the go anywhere -anytime in a yummy vanilla flavor which I loved ).

6.Every  10 gms of Protinex  gives you about 3.2 grams of protein .So just add two or three spoonfuls in a glass of milk or your favourite shakes and your protein needs  are sorted .Since it has hydrlysed protein , it is easily available for your body to utiise and is tolerated better than other intact sources of protein .

Here is what my plate looks like nowadays !


Have a healthy Day !

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