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When the 3G spectrum was introduced I was sceptical as to what difference an Extra G would make to my internet experience ,but the moment the extra G was added to my 2G connection , it gave me speed and freedom and it was liberating .So when I heard about the Airtel 4G  plan I was much less sceptical about the extra G !

In our Indian Culture specifically the Hindi Heartland , when we add “G (Ji) ” as a suffix we are offering an elevated rank to the person addressed .So I found something funnily similar  here in 4G too , an extra G adds that respect and elevation in service to the existing 3G network consumers !

Here is why it makes sense to go for Airtel 4G

1 . Why Airtel ?– This one is simple , because Airtel is the market leader in offering the 4G subscription to its users .No other telecom is ofeering this one .Also since all my connections at home are Airtel and I am happy with the services so far , Airtel 4G has my trust already .

2. National presence – Not just Delhi but 296 cities spread  all over and across the nation have got the 4G advantage , so it makes sense to switch over .

3. 4G at the cost of 3G – Now this one is the icing on the cake .You get a high speed connection spanning all across the country at no additional cost !

All the luxuries of a 4G but at the cost of your old plain 3G !

So rubbish all that you heard about 4G being very expensive and all .You can get it at the same rate as your previous 3G connection , of course how long is calculated guess !

4. Free home delivery of 4G SIM –  Don’t want the headache of going out to get a new  4G SIM .So Airtel has again streamlined the process for us .All I have to do is go to my twitter account and tweet ” #GetAirtel4G “ and Airtel will ensure that your new 4G SIM is delivered free of cost to your doorstep for you to start getting High speed 4G connectivity to your gadgets .

5. Airtel App – I already use the Airtel App  and you can read about this app here .Basically this App makes it easier to manage all my Airtel subscriptions in one place like DTH , Landline and Wifi  easily and also offers attractive add-ons and schemes to its customers .So I feel that adding my 4G subscription to this App would make my life simpler .

6. Streaming videos and downloading movies – Remember how in the older days downloading a movie meant you had to wait for hours before you could watch your favourite movie .That’s not going to happen any more , it is now going to be a thing of the past . Movie download with a 4G connection means a few minutes and that’s it .

A movie will be downloaded in as much time as it takes to make your favourite bowl of instant popcorn !

So just kick off your shoes , sit back and enjoy your movies and your pop corn with Airtel 4G !

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