5 Skin Care tips for Oily skin that I learned from Rewardme website

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My skin generally behaves well but there are days , like the current monsoon season when the best of skin can start misbehaving (read oily shine , acne, blemishes, tanning  etc. ).So it is  important to take care of the skin according to the seasons too .While surfing the net for products for oily skin , I came across a very useful article and thought that I should share it with all you girls (and boys) too .


Here is what I learned about  how to take care of my oily skin  (source 1) from Rewardme , a website by P&G ,which contains all exclusive information and tips on Beauty, Food, Fashion, Home and Health. Here you can find access to products, ideas, inspiration and advice that will fill your day with rewarding moments every day .
  1. Cleansing , Exfoliating and Toning – Gentle Cleansing everyday is essential .Oily skin needs a products with benzoylperoxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid or beta-hydroxy acid .But you could be senitive to some of them , so always conduct a patch test before using on the face .
         Exfoliate the skin every 2-3 days and follow it up with an alcohol free gentle toner 
     2. Moisturization and Sun Protection – Oily skin too needs moisturization a light one for the day          and a heavier duty one for the night .Moisturiser smooths and hydrates the skin by locking in              moisture and providing a barrier between the skin and the environment.
        Top up the protection by using an oil free sunscreen with SPF 30 at least and reapply after every         two  hours when out in the sun.

    3. On the Spot Management of blemishes/acne – If one follws the above routine sincerely , the            chances of getting blemishes or acne are very few .But if you do get one, then a natural remedy          like tea tree oil or  a product that contains benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acid or salicylic acid          is best to zap the intruder on the spot .
   4. Make Up for oily  skin – An oil free primer follwed up with a matte foundation or BB cream                with a light dusting of loose powder is the way to go . Follow it up with a gloss or balm on the            lips or a juicy lip stain to give a sun kissed summery look to your face .
       Keep blotting tissues handy in case of oiliness after a few hours .
   5.Devise New Strategies according to the weather –  Yes , the requirements of our skin change as       per the climate . Winters may call for heavier moisturization and summers may call for more               heavy duty sun  protection . So make minor adjustments to the products that you use according to       the weather . Ditto for make up .A matte foundation will be great for warm weather but will                 make the skin dry in winters , when you need a dewy one .
     With the above tips , I have been enjoying a healthier and well behaved skin even in this sultry             and sweaty weather .Now I know who to turn to for expert tips on health and beauty .Hope you           too can benefit from these .

     To know more in detail about such skin care tips and beauty tips , you can visit this page  and              learn more about skin care , make up, hair removal and fashion .
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