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The alarm screeched loudly at his bedside ,Sarthak extended one arm to press the alarm button off , but he could not sleep anymore and woke up .His eyes were red , his hair was in disarray just like his clothes and he had not shaved for days  . Today was ,what could have been the most important day of his life .He had cleared his Civil services exams with flying colours and today he was supposed to appear for his final interview .

It had always been his father’s dream to see his son as a civil servant .His father had been a school teacher ,his role model ,the complete man.His father not just taught him to study but also the values of life .His father had always lived simply and was well known in the locality as “Master ji”.He taught everyone who was interested , free of cost .Sarthak’s father believed that imparting education was an act of service to humanity that would make a huge social impact and change generations to come .He was a humble farmer’s son , he had seen farmers committing suicide because of ruined crops ,rising interests rates on loans from the village lender .Hence his dream was that his son Sarthak would one day do justice to his name and bring social equality and development to the villages , education and dignity for all .

He had wept with joy when the news of Sarthak’s selection for the interview came .
Today was the day of the interview ,but what was to come of it ?
The man who was his inspiration , his father , was no more .

He had never let Sarthak find out that he had been suffering from terminal cancer and just after the good news of Sarthak’s result had come out ,his father’s health steadily kept failing .It was now more than fourteen days since Master ji had passed away .There was no meaning to his life and future now.
Sarthak ,lay down in his bed once again , staring at the cracked ceiling .Suddenly his Father’s words came back to him,” I know Sarthak ,you will one day fulfill my dream of bringingSuraj( good governance ) and happiness to my land and its people.Promise me that you will ,son.”
Sarthak suddenly felt a surge of energy in his body .He straightened up and walked to his bathroom mirror .Looking at his reflection in the mirror holding a razor to his face , he spoke with determination in his voice ,”I promise to fulfill your dream , Father .”
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