A walk down Jama Masjid in the holy month of Ramadan

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It had been quite sometime that I had been to the older part of the city which we also call “Purani Dilli “.So Me and hubby decided to take a walk down the Matia Mahal lane near Jama Masjid to let the kids also see and feel the atmosphere and sights during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan at Jama Masjid.
It was a food cum heritage walk sans any guide. It is a congested place and traffic restrictions were in place so we took a taxi that dropped us about 100 m away from Jama Masjid and then we walked on.
The Jama Masjid basking in the lights 


Jama Masjid was all lit up and you could see the minarets and the dome from a distance .It was a sight to behold the largest Mosque in India in its full glory.
Shops were chock-a-block with mounds of  breads and sweets of all sorts 
The lanes and the market had festive look as they were all decked up and ready to welcome the fasting muslims streaming out of Jama Masjid after attending the special prayers.
Here are a few glimpses of the various shops that are famous for their wares and food.
An Attar shop 
Attar(perfume) and Surma (kohl)are two tools of vanity that are popular among both the sexes here .
This place is a  specialist in Kashmiri food 
Nestled among various food joints were shops that were selling fabrics and readymade clothes too .
A parched throat needs a cool and sweet treat at the end of the fast and this place does just that 
Kulfi -Faluda at Cool Point Rs 70/-  a plate 
Firni at Cool Point 
Shahi Tukda @Rs 50 at Cool Point 
Al Jawahar
Chicken Jehangiri at Al Jawahar
Hotel Karim is a legend in itself since 1813
  Since the kids were hungry we settled for dinner at Karim’s, due to Hubby’s sentiments attached to this place .He was a regular here with his friends in his college days .Read the review here                                
The dinner spread at Hotel Karim
The Namazis flocking to the shops after the prayers ended 
The kids were quite thrilled with this experience and our memories were refreshed .If you are in Delhi then it’s a good time to take in the beautiful mosque with the sounds of the azaan and people in skull caps and kurta pyjamas thronging the streets .The night becomes alive with prayers going on till midnight and the warm aroma of food and camaraderie in the air .

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