ASUS Zenfone 2 – Redefining the Smartphone Experience !

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After reading  my previous posts about Asus Zenfone 5 ,you might have already gathered that this is a very smart and zany cellphone to own.Imagine how pleasantly surprised I must have been to know that  ASUS is now going to launch its second generation smartphone .I got a sneak peek into its various features and here is why I am dying to own the ASUS Zenfone 2.

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1.The mind blowing camera – Being a beauty blogger, taking pictures is an essential part of my work .The new Zenfone 2 is equipped with a Front facing 5 Mega-Pixel and Rear 13 Mega-Pixel camera .Isn’t that Oh so amazing ???Imagine what would be the  quality of pictures – super sharp and crisp pictures !

The trademark PixelMaster technology ensures clean and sharp images in different settings .Fix Focus mode ensures that all visible objects will be in auto focus whatever be their distance .The Wide View mode, the Auto Focus, and the real tone  LED Flash all ensure perfect pictures in a jiffy .No adjusting ,no focussing , just select your mode and shoot away to your heart’s content .This will be a blessing for me because as a blogger I have to sometimes click one subject umpteen times and then search for the best picture among them and discard the ones that do not fit the bill .Now I can save more time and get better pictures too without clicking a hundred pictures for that single perfect shot !

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Its Low Light mode helps in capturing images that are 400% brighter  even in dim light and that too without a flash !So now party pictures can be easily clicked without bothering about the lighting.

2.Zero Shutter Lag – How often does it happen that your baby makes a funny face and by the time your camera captures the image the baby changes expressions ?But the Zenfone 2 comes with zero shutter lag which for me means that picture is clicked the moment you touch the screen .Normal cameras can take a few seconds from the time you touch the button to the time the picture is actually captured .This can be so frustrating when you are trying to capture an impromtu pose or image .The zero shutter lag  means faster capturing of images and getting the desired image too .

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3.The Awesome Display – It has an even wider 5.5″ display which is  Full HD 1920×1080,IPS and comes with the trademark Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 solid exterior .So the viewnig experience now promises to be even better , sharper ,more defined .

4.The Memory of an elephant – It is the first smartphone in the world with a 4 GB RAM memory power and upto 64 GB memory slot .Unlike the gigantic mammal famed for its memory this cutie weighs just about 170 gms but comes with a powerful memory .

5.Lightening fast Charging – Imagine having to charge your battery after every  marathon gaming or movie session or worse during the session ?The ASUS exclusive technology supported Zenfone 2 charges like  a dream – 60 % charging in just under 40 minutes !!!
That means no more lugging around your cellphone charger in your dainty little purse .Just charge it in the morning and then forget it !The fast charging comes in handy when you are in a hurry .

With all the above features one would assume that this phone may be slightly slow .But with the ASUS Zen UI technology , navigation is buttery smooth and fast( 7X times fasther than the older Zenfone ). On top of that it has an Ultra-Thin Ergonomic Arc Design which makes holding the phone a pleasure even for long hours .

A luxury product at a price that everyone can afford .Incredible ,isn’t it ?

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