ASUS Zenfone – A selfie Paradise

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In my previous post ASUS Zenfone 5 – First impression I had shared with you my initial thoughts about this zenfone .Today as promised I am going to share with you my views on its camera .As told earlier this Zenfone comes with PixelMaster technology and is equipped with a 8MP primary and 2 MP secondary camera .

Not just that this PixelMaster Camera ensures that the images captured are 400% brighter even during low light conditions .It gives more stable images .

When you go to camera ,you will get a vast menu to select from depending upon your requirement -Auto,HDR,Low light ,Selfie ,Beautification ,Miniature and Depth of Field .Phew !
The selfie mode has further fields you can choose from like the number of faces to be recognised , All smiles mode etc .

I asked my daughter to take a picture of me while we were out dining and then she asked me whether she could use the “Beautification” feature to enhance my looks.I allowed her to do so and though I asked her to make very subtle changes ( you can see in the first image- the menu for beautification ).You can soften skin , brighten the complexion,make the eyes bigger ,create a thinner chin and even add a hint of colour to your cheeks !
The above picture was taken in typical restaurant dim lighting and you can see how clear it still is when the low light option was selected .
This is the same image with Brighter complexion, bigger eyes and some blush .I am even looking slimmer than the previous picture .
So friends , this is the selfie paradise I have been going Ga-ga about .
And that is not all , there is so much more to explore and  discover as this is one phone that will make every Selfie-lover’s heart go Boom-Boom .

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