Avene High Protection SPF 30 Lip Balm Review

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Countless advertisements on T.V. keep on telling us ,sun protection is important for your face, arms ,lips and even hair !If not you will get hyperpigmentation (darkening),wrinkles or even skin cancer .
I know it all sounds so scary and since I am naturally blessed with pigmented lips I thought of trying a lip balm with higher SPF from the reputed brand -Avene  to avoid further darkening.I have already tried their Avene Triacneal cream and was pretty happy with the outcome .So here goes the story…



Price-I bought it at a discount (at Rs 350!) from NYKAA but it is otherwise available for Rs 650 for 3gms.Yes it is pretty expensive but it lasts long too so there is some balancing act .


PROS of Avene High Protection SPF 30 Lip Balm

  1. Very sturdy and bright orange eye catching packing.Very travel friendly .
  2. Twist up  tube with cover  , so no smearing of fingertips and fear of contamination  .
  3. Transparent ,so good for wearing under your favourite lipsticks without the fear of the color being altered because of the lip balm tint.
  4. One swipe is enough to make the lips moisturized .
  5. Offers very high sun protection ,SPF 30 ,unlike most others offering SPF 15 or SPF 20.

CONS of Avene High Protection SPF 30 Lip Balm

  1. Availability only at high end stores or online .Your friendly neighborhood chemist or cosmetics store does not stock on it .
  2. Expensive .Ouch !It really hurts the pocket .Creates a big hole in the pocket .
  3. The Transparent balm is O.K but we are talking multitasking now.We need a product that will make lips smooth, pretty and even repair them .This one only offers sun protection ,I am coming to the nourishment part in the next point.
  4. It does nothing to make the lips feels softer or to repair them .
  5. It make the lips very dry and uncomfortable .In fact  licking the lips causes darkening of lips,and this lip balm makes them  drier which has contributed to more licking and as a result  my lips are darker since the use of this  lip balm .

FINAL VERDICT -I’ll say use it if you do not suffer from dry lips (!) because this will only make them drier .Use it only for protecting against harsh sun if you are venturing out for long .In the price of one Avene High Protection SPF 30 Lip Balm, I can buy 4 drugstore brands that will moisturize, protect and repair too.

The swatch -as you can see the lip balm is hardly visible

  I rate it a 2/5         

Sorry Avene !But you have really broken my heart (and my piggy bank) this time .

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