Bachpan aur Khushi Ke Pal (Childhood and moments of Joy )

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I remember my childhood ,we were always well behaved and disciplined children .The key word was discipline .Our parents were caring but there was always that hierarchy wherein the younger people of the family always had to heed the elders whether it be parents or siblings . We dared not question the decision of our elders leave aside disobey them .It was easier for us as we had brothers, sisters, cousins with him to share our lives and its various problems and seek their help .

When I see today’s children , most of the homes now have only two and sometimes only single child .In homes where the child is an only child , as parents we cannot expect to bring up our children in the way our parents brought us up , by which I mean that discipline cannot be the keyword in my relationship with my child since these only children do not have the luxury of the joint families and cousins to help them with growing up pangs .Not only the lack of the cushioning effect of a joint family , more so children today have to face our sky high expectations of them as they are our only hope for future . This can break the spirit of a child .I still rue the fact that in my toughest moments of growing years , I never had the trust or courage to share my problems with my parents , not even my mother .I always turned to friends for help and support since I was the eldest among all my cousins .

So when my children were born, I had always wanted to change the dynamics of the parent -child equation with them , I wanted it to be different from the equation that I had with my parents .I wanted it to eb a give and take relationship.So instead of being their mother , I became their friend , their buddy .We shared a realtionship of equality where they could question me and seek answers from me too.

We share a strong bond of mutual love  between us .

This sharing starts from me teaching my daughter about blogging and cooking and she in turn teaches me the intricacies of Instagram and how to explore all the features of my smartphone smartly !
When I want to buy a new dress , my teenager is the one who guides me about what is in and what looks good on me and I return the favor for her too .This gives me a feeling of belonging to her world and sharing her world too .

This generation is smarter and I feel that this Khulapan (openness) is something that will help both me and my daughter in becoming  better individuals .

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