BBLUNT Climate Control anti-Frizz leave in cream review

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Who has not suffered a frizzy hair day !

In winters particularly and in humid conditions,even my naturally smooth hair tends to get unmanageable and frizzy .Of course using serum helps but I thought of trying a richer formulation this time like a leave -in cream .So here is my experience with BBLUNT Climate Control anti-Frizz leave in cream …

Price- Rs 450/- for 150 gms , you can get it online here 


Presentation – It comes in an interestingly shaped black plastic bottle with a pump dispenser .It is quite inconvenient to carry ,though the pump is good .The bottle is opaque so its difficult to judge when you will be running out of the product .So I guess the packaging needs some serious rethinking .
How to Use 
It works best on damp, towel dried hair. Take a small quantity into your palms. Apply evenly, focusing on mid-lengths and the ends, keeping away from the scalp. Style as desired.
Key Ingredients 
Hydrolyzed Keratin, Quinoa – the protein with 8 essential amino acids & Provitamin B5
PROS of BBLUNT Climate Control anti-Frizz leave in cream
1. Since it is a cream,it does not run around and gets wasted .
2. No strong fragarance .
3. Does a decent job of smoothening out frizzy hair helps in making hair straighter and sleeker .
4. Not much product is needed as it is quite thick in consistency,two pumps are enough for my shoulder length hair .

CONS of BBLUNT Climate Control anti-Frizz leave in cream
1. Since its a cream, it is diffcult to spread it evenly ,some areas may get more sticky so you need to be quite careful while spreading it .
2. It does not help in detangling my hair .
3. Can make the hair limp and sticky if even a little bit extra is used .
4. No fragrance .
5. Not easily available everywhere (which means your neighbourhood cosmetics shop ).I am now finding it easily online and even in some supermarkets .

Final Verdict – I rate it a 3.5 / 5 .

It does a good job of making the hair straighter and smoother specially on those dry cold days when static makes your hair unmanageable and also in the humid weather when the hair keeps getting curly and rough .Though the  bulky bottle and the fact that it can weigh down the hair are the negatives .

So when you want to smoothen out those tresses , this one will not let you down .

Note the thick consistency of the cream,so a little goes a long way 

Disclaimer : The product has been provided by the brand but the review is an unbiased opinion of the author after using the product .

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