Beauty is #TwiceAsNice when One is Sugar and the other is Spice

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Our  love for blogging was what brought us together in the first place despite our huge age difference .Simran and I , first met at a blogging event and hit it off .The interactions continued through e-mails and blogging forums .We call ourselves sugar and spice , Simran being the sugary sweet teenager and me being the seasoned spice .

The sugary sweet Simran 

Her effervescence and zest finds a stability from the my experience and exposure .One’s youth and exuberance gives our blogs that much needed surge of enthusiasm and energy while the other gives a scinetific backing to everything .Simran is the window to the world of youth and represents  what the young and restless generation wants .While I provide her with inputs about the challenges that women of  my age face and how to overcome them  this helps us in blogging about a wide spectrum of issues from nation centric issues to latest beauty products .

The spicy and seasoned me 

Blogging  is not just #TwiceAsFun but also #TwiceAsNice when  the two of us work together as a team and  get great results .Sometimes I go ,” No, we can’t use this colour ”  and she goes ,”O.K. ,Just give it a shot ” and then magic is created -we have a completely new look to blog about .A bit like the Garnier Apricopt Scrub and the Garnier Neem face wash – a team that really works well to the skin’s advantage .

Garnier PureActive Purifying Face Wash

Garnier claims that this product is enriched with real neem and can fight pimple and remove even its marks.Being a teenager Simran obviously needs this kind of product but even adults like me do get acne frequently to need it! Regular exfoliation also helps in keeping pimples from appearing .
So,using it regularly helps as it also kills the germs which cause pimple problems.

The packaging is simple white and green plastic tube which opens with “tick-tack” cap. The liquid is light green in color,exactly the color neem had,on appearance it looks like a gel and actually quite smooth in texture which I really like as my skin is kind of sensitive so it won’t cause any redness.It doesn’t have a heavy smell but you can experience neem in the smell clearly which make sit feel even more genuine .

It costs Rs.90 for 100g which is a decent price from a big brand like Garnier .

What I Like:

  1. Light Smell
  2. Smooth Texture
  3. Works on pimples and marks
  4. contains natural neem extracts 
  5. Nice fresh leafy green colour
What I do not like :
Well there is nothing not to like but may not work on heavy duty acne .

Garnier PureActive Exfoliating Apricot Face Scrub review 

Face scrubs are much needed nowadays as pollution cause so much dirt stick to your face.I think Garnier always sticks to natural products because this too contains a natural ingredient apricot extract.

It comes in an orange plastic tube  packaging .

The scrub is  kind of white cream  with red-brown beads which are too much tiny. It has a creamy texture which make it a good product because with this,beads will not go to harsh on your face.It smells stronger than the neem one and i like it because apricot has a pleasant smell.

It costs  Rs.115 for 100g, good enough for a scrub!

What I like:

  1. Creamy texture
  2. Pleasant smell
  3. Natural ingredients 
  4. Good for every day use and all skin types 
  5. Non abrasive beads

What I don’t like:

  1. Umm..may be the beads because for me they were too tiny and you don’t quite feel the scrubby action so much ,but its upon you,some people prefer tiny beads.
So just like our blogger pair this is another powerful pair that fights acne and keeps the skin looking #TwiceAsNice !

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