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Being a  woman is not easy anywhere in this world, every woman reading this must be agreeing with me .
In India , from the day a girl is born ,family values are deeply instilled into you.

Here are some of the things that my mother said good girls should follow:

1 . You have to sit in a proper way , demure , occupying less space, crossing your legs

2 . Eat in a proper way , small bites , no gobbling food

3 . Dress in the proper way , cover your chest

4 . Walk in a proper way , No swaying hips. Avoid eye contact with strangers.

5 . Choose a career that gives you time to take care of the family too , mostly doctors and teachers

6 . Get married before 25

-the do’s and don’ts are endless. You have to then get married and bear children by the right age .

So in this whole cycle I almost forgot that there was more to me as a person , than just being a daughter ,wife, daughter-in-law and a mother .

I was a #metoo .

The moment the realization sunk in ,the “Me ” within started floundering and flapping to get out , to be heard over the dim, to be seen in a new light ,to be able to change things around me.
I started blogging and tweeting in between patients (yes ,medicine is my vocation but it does not give me the freedom I want and desire ), sometimes after the kids went to sleep ,even while cooking in the kitchen !Soon I started getting acknowledgement from like minded bloggers and it filled my soul with contentment .

Blogging was the “voice ” I was seeking to be .It gave me wings , It gave me the freedom to dream ,to believe that change can be achieved if all such voices come together and create a boom , a reverberation that can echo through our society .

Now that I have got a voice ,I feel proud to introduce myself as a woman blogger .

A Happy Woman’s Day to you too ,Woman !

Come Celebrate yourself !



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