#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet 2017 at Taj Vivanta

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Indimeets (a convergence of indibloggers )  is something we eagerly look forward to because it is a lot of fun and we get to catch up with our fellow bloggers.But when Indiblogger announced the BergerXp Indimeet  2017,it was an added bonus to me because a home renovation was on the cards and this meet as going to be about home painting solutions .
The afternoon started with refreshments and lunch courtesy Taj Vivanta , the food blogger within me was very happy with the desserts (Vanilla ice cream and Moong dal Halwa )though the vegetarian fair was just about average .
Now came the interesting part .We were given a short presentation by Mr. Vinod Das , the Chief Manager of Berger paints .
In his words ,”Given a choice between getting your tooth pulled out and getting your home painted , most would opt for getting their tooth pulled from the root as the pain would last only for a few minutes in contrast to the painting that would take days to conceptualize after brainstorming with family members , then going through the tantrums of  painters who  would come and leave at their own sweet time, leave your precious furniture all stained  or make you run to get your paints ,brushes etc.  .I have seen many a painting jobs going from amazing “wow”” during the conception to a disillusioned “how come “ after the job is done or should I say botched up ! All, because the painter could not execute your idea well enough.”
Mr. Das informed that after doing a consumer survey to find out what made people dread home painting, B.P.(Berger Paints ) came up with their pioneering Berger Express Painting Solutions .
People hate the process of painting because
1.       It involves dust, dust can trigger allergies and of course is a mess to deal with .
2.       It involves moving the furniture which is a back breaking job and often causes splints and scratches to the furniture.
3.       The finishing would not be as smooth as you would expect it to be ,sometimes the colour would be different in certain areas .
(BergerXP).BergerXP has done for painting what Uber has done to cabs ,which means better customer experience , informed and well trained staff with modern equipment which has made painting your house a more comfortable experience .
So now if you want to get your home painted, all you have to do to avail of the BergerXP service is
1.       Call /SMS/Mail to  “Berger Paints” and they will call you back and fix an appointment for the Berger Customer care executive to visit your home .
2.       The Customer care executive will then visit your home with tools like a Moisture meter to inform you about seepage, waterproofing solutions needed for your home, pH paper to find about the alkalinity of the area and take measurements of your walls and give you an estimate after listening to your proposed painting plans.

3.       You do not have to pay anything EXTRA for all of this  .If you are satisfied by their estimates and want to go ahead with the BergerXP service then a trained painter will visit you with the C.C.E. and further give you an idea of paints and quantities .

4.       This BergerXP service promises to be 40% faster than traditional hand painted jobs

5.       The results are much better as they use no mess painting tools.

6.       It promises to keep your home 25-30 less dusty as they will use cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines that won’t let the dust fly around or settle on the furniture!

7.       The painters are well trained in using the tools and in colors to give you a home closest to your imagination.

8.       All this comes for free, you do not need to pay for the trained painter or the tools, and even the paints will come from the authorized dealer.

We had some fun activities of sanding competitions and painting competitions which helped us in understanding how difficult the process was and how important it was to get the right tools and proportions for best finish.
Our message “Go Green “
We were also shown the demo of some of the modern “HomePainting Tools” by their Berger academy trained painters themselves.
1.       The Airless paint sprayer which would give uniform finish and can reach up to 9 feet easily and has a larger head thus reducing time consumption.
2.       High pressure washer – This water jet has such high pressures that it could chop a finger off! It is used to clean the walls and prepare them for painting.
3.       Sanding machine – this comes with an inbuilt suction pumps because of which most of the dust from the sanding process is sucked down by the machine giving amore dust free experience and less mess.

Sanding Machine 

Multipurpose mixer
4.      Autoroller Remote 

Auto Roller remote 

      All in all it was a great experience where work and fun came together and I also got the solution to  my home painting woes!

 Thank you Indiblogger and Berger Paints !

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