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I had been watching commercials of this Bio-Oil on T.V. for quite some time  and though being a doctor myself , I am aware that stretch marks that are gained post-weight gain or post-pregnancy do not go away with any treatment , yet I wanted to try this to see its effect on my general skin as it has got some rave reviews everywhere .


It claims to improve the appearance of scars, uneven skin tone, stretch marks and even dehydrated skin .I have a few stretch marks and a some acne marks and also dry skin , so I thought of trying this one out and test the veracity of these claims .

Price – Rs 380/- for 60 ml 


Presentation – It comes in a pinkish sturdy plastic bottle with a plastic cap.Since it is small and sturdy ,it is very travel friendly and spill proof too .There is a hole on the top for dispensing the oil .

                                                       PROS of BIO OIL 

  1. Easily available everywhere 
  2. Has a nice and delicate floral smell which does not linger for long though despite this being an oil .
  3. It has a very thin and runny consistency because of which it spreads and gets absorbed into the skin very easily .
  4. It has a very nice moisturising effect on  the skin immediately upon application , in fact I just loved Bio-Oil for this and have been using it as a body lotion daily after bath because of how supple it makes my skin .So definitely tackles dry skin very well 
  5. Non greasy feel 
  6.  I found that this helped in the fading of  my acne marks too within a week of application .
  7. It contains retinyl palmitate , an anti-ageing and skin plumping ingredient .
  8. Did not cause any new acne on my body .

                                                          CONS OF BIO-OIL
  1. Slightly on the expensive side 
  2. No significant effect on old stretch marks , but I feel this may help fresh ones to some extent .
FINAL VERDICT – I will definitely repurchase( even though it did not show any effect on stretch marks) because of its soothing and moisturising properties on my skin .

I rate it a 3.8/5

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