Book Review – Immigrants by Sam Boyd

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Price –  $ 4.99 

Pages  – 346 

Genre  – Drama, Fiction, Suspense

About The Author Sam Boyd – Sam Boyd is the author of the Jack Turner Series.Sam has traveled the world as a consultant and seen the dark underworld of big cities and the hardships and exploitation of the poor firsthand during his travels. After his retirement he took up writing which had always been his passion.He is now settled with his partner in  Laem Mae Phim on the coast in Rayong Thailand.


The Book – The Book ‘ Immigrants -Taken for a Ride ‘ takes us along the tumultuous journey of Kasim, his wife Sabine and their two young children -little Lia who suffers from Tuberculosis and needs to be on regular medicines to survive and the resilient Manal who bears it all without ever complaining,when they try to escape the civil war and mass killings in Sudan in the hope of getting a better life in England.

It is a well written book that reveals the pain and anguish that illegal immigrants suffer.Since they are illegal migrants they do not have a voice and at every stop in the journey they are gradually stripped off their money and humanity ultimately even bereft of any dignity and hope of survival.

Irrespective of age and gender,be it young boys or girls or adults,they are subjected to merciless torture, gang rapes and even sold as slaves  when they cannot pay for the onward journey.Those who survive the torture, perish at sea when they are loaded in hundreds like cargo on dinghies without enough food,water or warmth and left to their fate to fend for themselves.Only the very lucky or tenacious ones can make it to land and a new life but by that time their spirit is too broken and the loved ones are gone for whose better future they left their homeland in the first place.

Thankfully the hard hitting story ends in a happy ending with Sir Jack turner from the Special Forces pitching in to the rescue in a dramatic twist.

Unfortunately real life is not so rosy!

Nevertheless the action and suspense helps in alleviating the sadness and rage you feel when reading about the plight of people being sold or butchered like cattle or forced into sex slavery.

With so many Indians too trying to get a green card to America in search for better employment, this book struck an emotional cord with me.Maybe such books will highlight the plight of these unfortunate people tricked by fate and preyed upon by mafia and help in getting them a better future.

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