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Genre – Self help,Motivational book

Pages – 197

Price  – INR 270 /- This book is available on Goodreads and Amazon 

Authors – Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal

About the Authors 

Vikas Trivedi – For somebody who once flunked his English language Exam but now not only does he hold a Masters in English literature ; he also teaches English ,that itself  speaks a lot about his character .No wonder he wants to spread this positivity and motivate more and more people to make the best of their lives .

Smita Agarwal – Smita is a graduate in Accountancy and also a professional Pranic Healer .They met through Vikas Trivedi’s workshops and the idea to collaborate on a book took germ from there .

About the Book 

The book starts with a short introduction and preface by the main author Vikas Trivedi .It is a self help book which deals with improving the life skills of the reader . I am generally wary of self help books as they sound very preachy to me and are quite high on theory and technical terms So I generally keep them at an arm’s distance but when I was offered this book for review , I thought let me give this one a try .

What I liked about this Book

1. Not preachy at all.In fact it feels like making conversation with a confidante ,who understands you  and genuinely wants to help you out.

2. It does not address a particular age group or sex .This book can help someone as young as a  schoolboy to someone who is in the twilight zone and yet feels unfulfilled.

3. Has a problem solving attitude.Identify the problem first and then tackle the problem in a step by      step manner.

4. Has lots of real life stories and testimonials  of people who have benefited by these ideas through  workshops organised by Vikas Trivedi and a group of mentors from all across the world.This makes  the book and its ideas plausible to the author.

5. The fact that its has a simple language that is very easy to understand and is not a bulky book makes it less intimidating and easy to carry with you.

6. The author uses a proactive method ,which makes the reader get involved .He urges you to make  notes , in fact this book is like a small workbook, wherein you can put down your own self help  goals, problems and then work out your own solutions with the help of the techniques suggested by  the authors .By writing things down, it seems that you have a concrete master plan for your life  which you can refer to all the time.

What I did not like about the book

So many success stories of people who have been helped by the “Law of attraction ” or Visualization techniques mentioned in the book lends credibility and bulk to the slim book but at the same time ,it felt like an overkill and I wish they had only some examples included to drive down the point.

Final verdict 

While the market is filled with Monks with Ferraris and Soul soups to help your troubles, I found this book a refreshing, modern and easy way of achieving your objectives or finding your calling if you are still lost. Definitely a must read for all ages and classes.

I rate it a 4 /5 .

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