Book Review – World Travel In a Low Budget

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Price – Rs 220/-
Pages  – 126
Language – Available in English and Kannada
Genre – Travel Guide
Available on – and Notionpress

About The Author – Shrinidhi Hande

Shrinidhi Hande is an IT professional and has been travelling all over the world and writing blogs about travel at for quite a few years.His USP is a great sense of humour, practical tips and simple language.

About the Book -World Travel in a Low Budget


World Travel or travelling to foreign countries seems like an intimidating task what with the various procedures including getting visa and health clearances and of course difference in food and culture and most important of all – the cost of travel.Most travel websites and tourist companies provide consolidated all inclusive packages that seem convenient but what if I told you that you can make that journey in half of that amount if you plan the journey on your own.This book helps you do that- plan your own journey while slashing your travel budget.

Shrindhi, through his own travels,breaks the myth that international travel is only for the super rich or corporate Honchos.

A common and and simple man himself, Shrinidhi, in this book goes on to add tips and tricks on saving money that may not have been shared before by other travelers.

The book ,in its clearly demarcated different chapters, gives information about how to get Visa , How to book cheap flights to your destination, tips about how to save money when eating out in a foreign country etc..He also shares how to stay safe and avoid risks while traveling or things that can land you into trouble while in a foreign land.

All the information here is first hand and genuine, I can say this as I have been  personally following his blogs and journeys closely.

Negatives of the Book

No glossy pictures – Pictures add to the experience and instill more confidence in a book.
I was expecting a country wise break up rather than a general guide , but on the positive side, the knowledge that Shrinidhi shares,is gleaned from his own experiences,so it is very truthful,practical and utilitarian.

Final Verdict  

This is a must read book if you are planning or even dreaming of an International trip , it is guaranteed to save you a lot of money on your travel.A book not only to be read but also to be kept as a referral guide.

I rate it a 5/5

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