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Actually Cafe is a misnomer because it is more of a restaurant, bar and Lounge.This place was earlier known as Cafe Public Connection and has now been taken over and revamped as Cafe Wall Street in C.P., New Delhi.The name “Wall Street “speaks for high ambitions as they aim to be a landmark in Connaught Place for its food scene and nightlife just like the famous Wall street of New York .
INTERIORS – The place has three segregated areas – The Cafe,The Lounge,The Private Dining and the Smoking Area.The furnishing- plush and very comfortable, has been done in royal purple and cream colours for the Cafe and the Private Dining area and the lounge area  has been done in cream with muted lighting and tea lights on every table .In short – the interiors have  a plush, cosy ,spacious and comfortable feel but at the same time segregated areas and separate entrance to the cafe ensure that families can have a good time too .
The Lounge Area
Seating in The Cafe Area
Private Dining Area for Small gatherings 
SERVICE – The service was courteous and prompt but no one kept hovering over my head which was a relief .

SOUP – I started with a wild mushroom and thyme flavored frothy soup .The taste was earthy and very good and the home baked bread served with it was great too ,but  I missed the thyme flavors.
SALAD – I had the Vegetarian version of Casear Salad  which had cherry tomatoes ,olives and shredded iceberg lettuce and lightly toasted bread crumbs .The salad was nice and crucnhy but the dressing needed more lemon juice and olive oil and the salad was unevenly tossed so the dressing was missing in some areas .

CROSTINI – The Crostinis I had, had the same fresh home made bread topped with artichokes, mushrooms ,bell peppers and grated Parmesan .I found it average in taste and in fact it could have done with a little more toasting and the toppings were too dry .

MUSTARD CHICKEN – Smoked chicken flavored with Bengali mustard and yogurt .This could have been a great dish but it stopped short because of being slightly dry .


COCKTAILS – I chose An Alex Jenta ,it had Bourbon Whisky ,Orange Juice ,Passion fruit syrup , Angostura bitters and was muddled with Mint leaves . It had a good balance of freshness and bitterness .


I also tried Midnight Delight –  It was a combination of Dark rum ,chocolate syrup and fresh cream .I really liked this one .

 PIZZA – I had the Pesto Pizza , it had a thin crust and was liberally topped with mozarella cheese and  my favorite bell peppers but again I did not feel any basil or pesto taste .


PASTA – My mouth still waters at the thought of this dish .It was Penne Pasta in a mixed sauce,topped with cheese and baked .The flavors were tongue tickling and the pasta was al dente .I polished off the whole dish throwing any thoughts of weight gain to the wind .
Very flavorful – highly recommended !


COTTAGE CHEESE STEAK – It was served with a barbecue sauce and stir fired baby corns and broccoli .It was passable in taste .


DESSERT – For dessert  I tried a Lemon and cinnamon pie ,The Pie base was nice and crumbly and the glaze was nice too but I would have loved a little more lemoni-ness to the glaze if you understand what I mean .


FINAL VERDICT –  The place has great ambience ,spacious and soothing interiors and a very well stocked bar too , the food aims to achieve a high standard but fall just short of that . 
I rate it a 3.5/5

Phone Numbers

+91 9811883964
+91 9811883965


F-39-40, 1st & 2nd Floor, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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