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Hi Fashionistas !

                                It is sale season and a very good time to stock up on essentials before festival time kicks in (guess I am still recovering from the  kicks given by the movie “KICK ”  !!! ) .Coming back to the sale , I  picked up a Chambor eyeliner pencil  in the shade –Indigo Blue .I love kajal and eyeliners and I think it really suits our Indian complexions and the eyes really look intense and smouldering .If you are dusky skinned like me or even if you are not and just want to play a bit with colours then Indigo  is the colour for you .It gives a soft definition to the eyes and does not look boring like black .Indigo is so in -vogue and all complexions can rock this shade.

The Chambor ultra glide eye liner pencil 

But did the Chambor eye pencil really gliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide ?
Read on to know more …..

The Price–Rs 395/- but I got it at a discount in the sale .

Availability – I got it from a  small store in Spice mall , Noida .I guess this product has been discontinued now and has been relaunched as the the ” STAY-ON ” eyeliners ,but you can still get it online at Browsecart,

What Chambor says

Chambor introduces a perfectionist eye pencil; ULTRA GLIDE which is extremely soft, smooth & natural & has more than 70% natural ingredients like carnauba and candellila.

Carnauba and Candellila are skin protection agents and therefore the Ultra Glide Pencils can be even termed as Natural Eye Liner Pencils.

The Presentation–It comes packed like a regular pencil  with a plastic cap for cover .No sharpener has been added with it .

The pencil uncovered ,you can use a simple pencil sharpener to sharpen it

The Product —

This is how it looks on my arm


1.Ease of application

2.Water resistant

3.Long lasting

4 Creamy formulation .

5.Rich colour in single stroke

6.Preservative free

7.Ophthalmologist-tested so suitable for leans wearers and sensitive eyes

8.Travel friendly

Forgive the oily shine , this is how the colour looks on the eyelid


1. I  did not find it gliding that smoothly on my lid maybe because my skin was slightly oily .

2. Does not show up very well on dark skin tones .

The Final Verdict 

This is my first Chambor product and I am impressed with the quality .I would rate it 4/5 and probably you shall be seeing me reviewing more Chambor products in the near future .

Another shade that I think really looked good on my  skin was Purple Haze , a great party shade and it is that nice peacock-y purple hue .

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