Charming Silk Sarees for the Blushing Indian Bride

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An Indian bride’s wedding day is that one day, wherein she looks forward to displaying the perfect vision of charming grace, refined elegance and glowing beauty via her attire, clothing accessories and makeup! Towards this end, she will go for a pure silk saree as her traditional outfit. Here are some of the most popular choices amongst bridal sarees.

 With Love, from Kanchipuram

People refer to the magnificent sarees arriving from the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, as Kanjeevaram silks too. They are available in vibrant hues, soft and smooth to the touch, splendorous in their innovative designs created from pure zari threads and opulent in appearance.
To illustrate, if you are a South Indian bride, visualise how you will look if you opt for a combination of hues, such as purple, green and pink on both, the body and the pallu!

A matching blouse, elaborate hairdo studded with flowers and beautiful gold jewellery suffice to complete the picture! Another trend that has found a large number of fans is the adoption of a dual tone for this pure silk saree. For instance, pink and orange are extremely compatible, specifically if small-sized zari butties in shimmering gold are add-ons across the length and breadth of the saree.
Then again, if you are high on tradition, you might like the usual motifs in floral and geometric patterns showing up through glorious zari work. In fact, it is possible to view a misty finish to the pure silk background. This keeps the saree stain-proof and death-proof!
In contrast, if you prefer to be subdued in your choice of colours, you may go for a pure silk saree in off-white. Just ensure that the saree is embellished all over. Traditional patterns, large-sized and charming motifs, zari, etc, should do.

The Flavour of Banaras

A Banaras silk saree captures everyone’s attention wherever it is on display, thanks to its rich shimmer, superb design and embellishments, and purity in fabric and decorations! Therefore, you can have no reason to reject this pure silk saree, despite it being slightly heavy in nature!

Similar to Kanjivaram sarees, every Banaras silk saree also exhibits vivid and vivacious hues on the body, border and pallu. Since it is for a wedding trousseau, you may opt for royal blues, teal blues, etc. These handloom-woven garments will always make you look elegantly graceful and regal!


Miscellaneous Pattu Sarees

‘Pattu’ is a common term in the southern part of India, whereby women are referring to silk sarees. Towards this end, the Samudrika pattu saree is a glorious combination of the traditional and the contemporary. You should be able to avail it in blazing red, shining gold, beautiful pink, feisty blue, deep maroon, etc, all in diverse mix-and-match patterns.
Then again, you may opt for a Vastrakala pattu specimen. You will be astounded by the bewitching hand embroidery patterns (traditional and floral motifs) presented by skilful weavers. Apart from the royal design showing up on the pallu, you get to see examples of stonework, zardosi, sequin work, Cut Dana, etc, too. Are you partial towards combinations of green and deep magenta? Do ensure that it portrays an elegant-looking pallu and a patch border too!

Bailu silk is always brilliant in its appearance. You should not be surprised to find hot combinations of deep pink and brilliant orange, bright red and lustrous yellow, etc. Intricate zari phulkari is a specialty of this saree, with its large-sized border.


Bridal silks are available in innovative prints and patterns. They suffice to suit all skin tones and complexions. However, Kanchipuram silks and Banaras silks continue to rule even today.

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