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Hello All !

The weather refuses to get cooler here in Delhi and with the mercury still high , my already oily skin gets oilier .So I am always on the look out for products that are oil free and suit combination skins and oily skins .One such product is Clean and Clear skin Balancing  moisturizer .


Read on the find out how effective it was …

PriceRs 80/-  for 100 gms of product .You can buy it  here ,at  Nykaa’s and at healthcart .

The Packaging –It comes in a simple white tube with a blue cap .You have to squeeze the tube to take out the product .This can cause some wasting but at this price I don’t feel bad about it .

The Flip top cap is convenient

How to use — The instructions on the website  says ,”Apply evenly on pre-cleansed face and neck. Use twice daily for skin that’s clean, clear and beautiful always “.The skin balancing claim basically implies hydration for dry areas of the skin and keeping oily areas oil free and thus causing a reduction in the appearance of pimples .

The instructions for usage at the back

Clean and clear actually has this whole range of  pimple clearing products , of which this is a part .So if used in combination with the Clean and clear Acne clearing cleanser which claims to remove dirt oil and impurities which cause pimples .After which the Clean and clear Blackhead clearing cleanser (toner ) which is also oil free should be used and finally the Clean and Clear skin balancing mositurizer should  be used .

      The PROS of Clean and Clear skin Balancing  moisturizer 

  1. The price is very affordable for young people 
  2. Availability is not on issue as it is easily available everywhere and online too 
  3. Travel friendly packing 
  4. Easily absorbing texture in fact no greasiness visible after application 
  5. Fragrance very mild (typical Johnson’s baby ) but pleasant 
  6. Suitable for oily and acne prone skin .
  7. The moisturizer is non sticky and  water based  
  8. Good for humid and hot weather

                  The CONS of Clean and Clear skin Balancing  moisturizer 

  1. Face becomes oily after 1-2 hours ,so does not control sebum production .
  2. Not suitable for dry skins 
  3. Not suitable for colder climates as skin becomes dry easily 
  4. No SPF provided 
  5. No tinting given for coverage 

See no trace of oily shine even immediately after application !

    Final Verdict3 / 5 .The Clean and Clear skin Balancing  moisturizer  is a budget oil free lotion for oily , combination and acne prone skins .It is very  suitable for persons who are using special acne creams and medicated face washes as they tend to make the skin very dry in delicate areas like around the mouth .I find it useful to dilute the retinol creams for acne .One can also mix one or two drops of tea tree essential oil and use it on the face overnight this would help in controlling acne and blemishes .

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