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I am back with another fragrance review today.

A brand from New York city that is synonymous with great leather handbags( and I love them !).It started of as a family run workshop by the name of Manhattan Leather Bags in 1941.They started off by making high quality leather bags and soon became a world renowned brand famous for its fine leather  craftsmanship and branched out into designing modern luxury accessories and lifestyle brands, pairing exceptional leathers and materials with innovative design and became the brand that is known today as “COACH .”


Today I shall review COACH the Fragrance for women , EDP .This perfume was laucnhed in 2016 and the nose behind it are  Juliette Karaueuzoglou and Anne Flipo.

What COACH says about this Fragrance ;

“Coach introduces a timeless and universal creation that is for the modern woman Coach EDT. A woman of all ages, from all walks of life. A woman of character, with a strong sense of individuality. A woman with an authentic, effortlessly elegant style. She is true to herself, which makes her simply cool. Her adventurous and free spirit take her on a life journey of endless possibilities. She is the author of her story and for every new chapter that she writes, she signs her scent. Coach Eau De Toilette is a modern, classic fragrance inspired by New York City’s spontaneous energy and downtown casual chic style.”

PRICE – Rs 4550/- for 50 ml .It is available in 3 sizes – 90 ml,50 ml and 30 ml


Coach the Fragrance campaign features the
actress Chloe Grace Moretz (source

PRESENTATION – The EDP comes in a pretty light pink carton containing a  solid pale glass bottle that bears the signature coach design details, a little leather tag hangs from one side , the iconic turn -lock coach handbag closure is turned into an atomizer and the bottle has the famous emblem of “Coach driven by horses ” engraved upon it .
All in all , the first impression is very impressive and very classy .


FRAGRANCE NOTES – According to their website :

TOP NOTES – The opening notes consist of Raspberry ,Pink Pepper and Pear
MIDDLE NOTES – Turkish Rose ,Cyclamen and Gardenia
BASE NOTES – Cashmeran ,Musk,Sandalwood,Suede


PROS of COACH the Fragrance of WOMEN

1. Very attractive packing – You will fall in love just by looking at the lovely bottle.Great for gifting .

2. Good Sillage – Since it is an EDP, it has a good sillage ,wafts and spills to more than an arms length .

3.Staying Power – It lasts on my skin for at least 4 hours easily even in hot weather but does not stay for more than 6 hours on the skin.

4.Scent – It has powerful floral notes that linger on for long. Most people describe it as a Rosy scent but on my skin and to my nose, it has sweet and powerful musk,leather and spice with Sharp Raspberry and Pear in the opening notes on first spraying which after 10-15 minutes changes to a mostly floral and fruity note with a lot of Gardenia.I love the middle notes and base notes more as they are quite subtle and mellow .

5. A modern , spicy, Fruity Floral Fragrance that speaks Spunk and Energy.

6. I think this can be safely called a Winter Fragrance as the humidity and heat make sit quite strong.


CONS of COACH the Fragrance for Women

1. Expensive like all EDPs

2. Every one’s skin chemistry and olfactory receptors makes the perfume smell different on two people.This perfume that most people feel gives Rose and Raspberry ,on my skin – it gives a lot of Raspberry, Pear and Suede .The base notes that linger on my skin was mostly Cashmeran. The opening notes were so powerful that they gave me a headache !
Surprisingly though they did not affect anyone else in my family so I think this was more my hypersensitivity to some ingredient and may not be a con for others.

Also because it is a strong fragrance, instead of spraying on my pulse points, I started using it indirectly.


Spray in the air just in front of you an walk into the perfume cloud, this worked for me better .

3. I love roses but this hardly gave me a Rose scent which was a big disappointment for me.

FINAL VERDICT – I rate it a 3 /5 .Even after trying it many times , this fragrance did not grow on me.It has a nice dry down of Gardenia and Cashmeran but that comes much later and the opening sharp notes always make me wince .

Have you tried Coach as a brand , what are your thoughts ?

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