Colorbar B.B. Cream- Vanilla Creme 001

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A B.B. cream is actually a beauty balm or Blemish balm , which moisturises, offers sun protection and also gives some coverage .I had earlier reviewed the Colorbar BB cream – Honey Glaze 002  , and recently when I went to get the BB (blemish Balm ) cream ,I found some changes to the earlier presentation .
So here goes my review …
Price  – Rs 550/- for 29 gms / 1 U.S. Oz 
There are some superficial changes in the outer packaging ,which was earlier an Ombre shade going from the actual color of the BB cream to a silver finish .Now it has been replaced with a completely silver finish .

PROS of Colorbar bb cream- Vanilla Creme 001

  • Easily available 
  • Affordable , though compared to some other popular brands it may be expensive
  • Available in 4 shades (which is great considering many brands give only two options ) -Vanilla Creme, Honey Glaze,Cinnamon Swirl and White Light .
  • Blends easily .It does not have a thick or runny texture , just about right texture that make sit easy to spread .
  • Does not leave a whitish cast or look cakey .
  • Excellent colour match , I was very happy with this shade as it was neither light nor dark for me .
  • Medium coverage .It helps gives an even tone, hides pits and pigmentation too giving a smoother and flawless complexion .
  • Contains SPF 20 , so you don’t need to wear a sunscreen additional to this .
  • Parabens free  
  • Slight fragrance which I like but does not linger 
  • Contains aloe vera and apple extracts to nourish the skin                                           

CONS of  Colorbar bb cream- Vanilla Creme 001


  • Slightly more expensive than some of our other popular brands 
  • More product is needed so i am probably going to exhaust it soon if I wear it daily .
  • SPF 20 may not be enough if you have to be out in the sun for more than an hour 
  • Good for light to medium coverage , you will need a foundation if you want more coverage 
  • It claims to give a radiant glow which I did not find though it gives a more even tone to the skin without any luminosity .



FINAL VERDICT  – I am loving it ! I will definitely buy it again as it is an exact match and is good enough for light coverage and daily wear . I rate it a 4.6/5 .

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