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Today I am going to review an essential beauty must have for our daily make up routine .Yes , you guessed it right it is the Colorbar BB Cream .BB stands for Beauty Balms or even Blemish balms .It was originally designed by dermatologists for people undergoing laser treatments , because this product was moisturizing to soothe to skin and contained some foundation to hide the imperfections and some sunscreen and anti-oxidants which would help prevent and repair the damage to the skin .

The  packaging
Price  –   Rs 550/- for 29 gms 


  1. It comes in 4 shades – White light ,Vanilla creme,Honey glaze ,Cinnamon swirl starting from the lightest to the darkest shades .So compared to some other brands that only offer two or three shades , the chances of meeting your perfect match is better in Colorbar BB cream.
  2. It is easily available at Colorbar counters and also online .
  3. Blends easily , no time wasted in spreading it on .The perfect match claims to adapt to your skin tone , hiding imperfections and giving a glow to the face .It is true as you will see in the pics below .It helps in softening acne scars  and discoloration a while giving a healthy sheer  luminous glow to the skin.
  4. Broad spectrum Sun protection -It contains SPF 20 with UVAand UVB filters which is good enough to last about  2 hours in the sun .So saves the extra money to be spent on sunscreen.
  5. It contains Apple and aloe Vera extracts which help in keeping the skin soft and supple .
  6. Non greasy – I like the fact that this BB cream is quite airy and non greasy ,so very suitable for the upcoming warm weather .
  7. Unlike Maybelling BB cream which leaves a whitish cast for first 10-15 minutes and then settles down, this one shows immediate effect on the complexion .

1. Compared to other drugstore brands this one is priced higher .
2. It works for light scars and blemishes , gives light coverage but does not hide them completely .

Without the Colorbar BB cream in sunlight
After applying Colorbar BB cream in Honey Glaze 

FINAL VERDICT –As you can judge for yourself , it does a fairly GOOD JOB of evening out the perfection , is a close match to the complexion and also helps in smoothing out the pits with added sun protection and moisturizing formula.I rate it a 4.4/5 .

What is your take on it ?

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