Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review

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 I had heard so much about primers but never really used one .My makeup routine was cleanse ,tone, moisturise and apply a foundation .But last time when I was searching for a foundation , the SA asked me to use a primer underneath the  foundation to get better application and a more uniform (read non patchy) look .

Since Colorbar is one my favourite brands , I got this primer from Colorbar and here is my review of this product .
Price – INR 825/- for 30 ml 

                                                PROS of Colorbar Perfect Match Primer


  1. The perfect match name is true but at the same time a misnomer because it is a transparent gel like liquid.So this one will suit all complexions .
  2. Spreads easily ,it is better to moisturise the skin first before applying for a dewy finish .
  3. Creates a matte finish  to which the foundation clings well and lasts longer .
  4. Creates an even toned look ,pits and scars are less obvious .
  5. Gives a smooth look and finish , helps in reducing the visibility of fine lines and pores .
  6. Is moisturising and does not make the skin dry .
  7. Little goes a long way .

                                           CONS of Colorbar Perfect Match Primer
  1. A little on the steep side price wise ,but compared to other brands ,this one is quite reasonably priced .
  2. It is just a makeup base and has no other major benefits (no coverage or sun protection etc. ).

The colorbar primer has a thick consistency and is transparent
After the primer, the foundation blends and stays better like second skin

FINAL VERDICT –  A primer is definitely a product worth putting your money in .It improves the overall appearance of the skin for makeup.The makeup lasts much longer and blends better after a primer .
I rate it a 4/5 .

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