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How frustrating is it when the person you fall for ,does not take the hint even though you keep dropping them like hail in a blizzard !

We (me and Arjun )had been seeing each other for more than two years .We initially moved along  with common friends .The whole bunch would go out for movies , lunches and just hang around .Then a few times we also spent some together time ,just the two us,but it could not really be called  a date .It was more of shopping and strolling or sitting at a coffee shop and chatting about everything and anything under the sky .I knew that he had a soft corner for me , but it never really materialised into anything concrete .

I asked his best friend Arif  whether Arjun really thought of me any more than a regular friend and to my delight I was told that I was really special to him for Arjun  talked a lot about me even when I was not around .His interest in me was definitely more than just friendly ,as even I could sense from his body language when he was around me but the guy for some reason of his own just would not say the three magical words and that really left me dangling mid-air.I was getting more and more restless as Valentine day was approaching .

On 14th of February , while the gang was  lounging in the college grounds ,basking in the warm Delhi sun I gloomily reached inside my tote bag and took out a few invitation cards and started handing out one to each of the friends  .

“Wow !Another party to attend “,Rajesh exclaimed .

You are getting married ,Preeti ?”   Aditi queried loudly  .

“Yes , I am getting married next month “, I answered  slowly turning away .

As if stuck by lightening  ,Arjun jumped up and grabbed me from the shoulders almost shaking me up.

“How can you get married to someone else ?”

“Don’t you know how much I love you ?”

“Don’t you care for my love ?” he kept shooting questions at me .

At that moment I could not control myself and burst out laughing while everyone around was stunned by my reaction.

I put my hand gently on his shoulder and and looking into his eyes ,said ,”Preeti is also my cousin’s name and this is an invitation to her marriage not mine ,Silly!
Thank God for the coincidence or you would never have opened up about your feelings for me !”

And the whole campus was filled with our crackling laughter.
That prank secured for me  the expression of love from my beloved and my Valentine date too .


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