Datsun redi-GO – Fun.Freedom.Confidence.

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With our fast paced lives , long hours spent navigating heavy traffic and narrow congested roads … there is a rising demand for cars with enhanced performance. A small car, which is not heavy on your pocket and yet gives a superlative experience with comfort of driving.
Recently Nissan has introduced a new urban crossover car .

A hatchback which oozes power and style and claims to have superior performance too .It is visually stunning in its outlook and has cutting edge latest technologies to boost performance as well as give better control to the person in the driving seat while taking away the tension out of the driving experience and making it a smoother experience.


1.Great looks – Being a beauty blogger, the first feature that I was instantly attracted to in this crossover car was its looks. It has a fun and yet a premium feel to it thanks to the silver highlights added .The smooth, sleek silhouette yet a robust stance and a roomy feel inside with driver oriented functioning . The interiors too have a sporty and fun feeling to them.

2.Ergonomic seats -It has seats designed for low fatigue ,which help in supporting the curves of the spine and hence long hours behind the steering are less “back –breaking “!
For a short statured person like me , its higher stance puts my head and shoulders above then the usual height providing  a wider view of the road and the surroundings which is a great help in driving .It is a very big plus point for me in the Datsun  redi-GO .

3.Powerful AC-The sweltering Indian summer and the total hours spent on the road commuting every day, makes it mandatory to have a powerful AC in your car to give you a comfortable ride .The Datsun redi-Go claims to be equipped with large 89 CC compressor that has a high cooling capacity and is optimized for Indian weather conditions .

There is more good news to come ,you don’t have to sweat it out when relegated to the backseat in the Datsun redi-Go because its  integrated center AC vent ensures up to 50% of the air flow distribution towards the passengers on the rear seats. That sounds fair and square to me and appeals to my sense of justice !
4.Small turning radius -The outlook is sporty, the interiors are modern and comfortable .Now coming to the other highlight of this car .I find that a  low turning radius of 4.7 m gives me the freedom to maneuver  my car when in a tight spot or a narrow by lanes like “Purani Dilli ”.The advantage of a 25.17 kmph mileage give me enough freedom to stay on the road longer without rushing to get a refill frequently  which is a concern when you are out at unearthly hours and don’t want to get out of the car .

5.The higher eye point with a 36 degree upper and lower viewing angle, will help in gaining more control while driving .The adaptive power steering will give more stability at higher speeds and better maneuverability at lower speeds .Also the Datsun redi-GO claims to have the shortest braking distance which means that you can avoid accidents at a shorter notice giving you a safer drive and more control at your disposal.

6 .It has auto off head lamps which will remain “on “and light your way for up to 30-120 seconds even after the car shuts off, thus ensuring that the passage from your car to your doorstep is lit and safer for you.

All these features make the new Datsun redi-GO and very safe , stylish and comfortable ride for me .

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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